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Well, this isn't what we were hoping to see today. After last week's small bump, the prices of gasoline and diesel products in the Philippines are set to go up big-time this week.For the week of January 24
We’re taking all the discounts we can get
Fuel prices have been a bit volatile to start off the year. We've seen spikes and rollbacks for both diesel and gasoline products over the past few weeks. But if there's one thing that's certain, it's that the
Up, down, up, down
What a volatile start it's been for pump prices this year. After going up and down throughout January, fuel prices are now set to rise once again this week.Advisories from various fuel companies are now out, and it looks like
New year, same oil price hikes
What a disappointing start to the year. After last week's fuel-price hikes to close out 2022, we now get even more sizeable price bumps to kick off 2023.For the week of January 3 to 9, the prices of gasoline
That’s barely a rollback
Last week's oil price hike was disappointing. This week's price adjustments are basically the same story. We had no good news for you to greet Christmas, and we'll still have non to welcome the new year.For the week
The milestone branch is in Lancaster in Imus City, Cavite
Unioil Petroleum Philippines (UPPI) has consistently continued to grow its network of fuel stations here in the country over the past years. Now, the company marks an important milestone as it as it opens its 100th station in the Philippines.The landmark
So much for all those rollbacks
After seeing significant rollbacks for several weeks in a row, it now looks like fuel prices are set to go back up again this week.According to the latest advisories from various fuel companies, diesel will hike by a hefty P2.90
More, please
Well, what do you know? We're going to see yet another set of price rollbacks for both gasoline and diesel this week. It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas.The latest advisories are out, and it appears gasoline
The rollbacks are coming just in time for Christmas
After last week's sizeable rollback, fuel prices are once again seeing a decrease for the week of December 6 to 13.According to the latest advisories from various fuel companies, the prices of diesel products in the Philippines will go down
Gasoline prices are also down by P0.85/L
UPDATE: November 28, 2022. It looks like it's going to be a good start to December: Fuel prices will be seeing big-time rollbacks this week.According to the latest advisory from Cleanfuel, the prices of diesel will go down by
Effective tomorrow
Owners of diesel vehicles are in for a treat this week. Gasoline vehicles? Well, not so much.Local fuel providers have announced another set of gasoline and diesel price updates. Starting November 22 (that's tomorrow), the cost of gas will edge
Own a diesel-powered vehicle? You live to see another week, as pump prices will be going down tomorrow. If your car or motorcycle runs on gas, though, we have unfortunate news for you.For the week of November 8 to 15,
Uh... thanks, we suppose?
After the last rollback, fuel prices are set to go down once again for the second week in a row. Is it something to smile about as we head towards the last couple of months of the year? Not really.Last week'
Stay strong, wallets
Well, we were all expecting this: Fuel prices will continue to trend upward this week, although the price hikes won't be as big as last week's.For the week of October 18 to 24, 2022, diesel prices will go up
Gas prices will go up by P1.20 per liter
UPDATE: October 10, 2022. Fuel prices have continued to go down over the past few weeks. Good news, right? Well, after that barely-a-rollback a few days ago, reports have come out that there'll be yet another sizeable price hike
Very minimal, but that’s better than a price hike... right?
UPDATE: October 3, 2022. Heads up, motorists: Another set of rollbacks for diesel and gasoline products will be taking effect this week.According to the latest announcements from various fuel companies, diesel prices will go down by P0.45 per liter from
UPDATE: September 26, 2022. A sigh of relief, for now: The Philippine peso may still be dropping value against the US dollar, but so far, fuel prices are trending downward at least for another week.Here are the official fuel price adjustments
‘Matic o sagad, sir?’
If you've never gassed up outside the Philippines, you might think that gas station attendants filling your tank up for you is the norm. Well, it's not.In other countries, motorists handle fuel pumps by themselves. They're fully in
No price movement for gasoline
More good news coming your way this week, motorists. A big-time rollback for diesel is set to take effect tomorrow.Various fuel companies have confirmed that the prices of diesel products in the Philippines will go down by P4.15 per
We’ll take what we can get
UPDATE: September 12, 2022. Another set of rollbacks will be taking effect this week. Hurrah, good news? Don't get your hopes too high, though.According to an advisory from Cleanfuel, there will be a rollback of P1.45 per liter for
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