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Battery-electric doesn’t figure in the medium-term plans for the series
Chevron Philippines has been busy these past few months
Chevron Philippines (CPI) got busy in 2020, opening a total of 30 new Caltex stations, among others, throughout the year. Its expansion efforts, however, have not stopped there.The company has now shared that in the second quarter of 2021 alone, it
P3 off per liter of gas, P2 off per liter of diesel
Fuel companies are bringing back discounts for vaccinated motorists this month. Petron Corporation, for its part, is offering P3 off for every liter of gas and P2 off for every liter of diesel until September 21, 2021.All vaccinated customers who have
One more reason to get jabbed
Need one more reason to finally get vaccinated for COVID-19? Two words: fuel discounts.Shell is now offering discounts on some of its fuel products to motorists who can present a vaccination card and valid ID during transactions. The promo will
That’s reassuring
In a few days, enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) will be implemented once again in Metro Manila. This means that only authorized persons outside of residence (APORs) will be allowed to be out and about, and only a select few will be allowed
Do you shop here?
For some people, the weekend is the time to get minor errands out of the way before the start of the workweek. You know, like dropping by the grocery or filling up your car's fuel tank at a nearby gas station.
Have you been jabbed yet?
Well, here's one more reason to get vaccinated for COVID-19-aside from, well, avoiding the hospital of course.Caltex Philippines is now offering fuel discounts to vaccinated motorists who can present valid vaccination cards showing at least one dose administered.
The threat is real
In movies and video games, the threat of a cyberattack usually presents itself in grand fashion, perhaps in a high-stakes game of espionage or bank heist. In reality, when one takes place, it's usually much less dramatic-but just as
We rank 52nd worst in terms of diesel affordability
It's hard to recall a time when we called fuel here in the Philippines "affordable." Yes, prices dipped significantly in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, but both gasoline and diesel are already back to their pre-pandemic prices as
That’s quite an incentive
Opportunity alert, guys: If you already have a PayMaya account, you'll want to use it to top up your ride with at least P500 worth of fuel at a Seaoil station on or before February 8. Doing so gives you the
Expanding its reach
Has a brand-new Caltex fuel station popped up in your neighborhood over the past couple of months? If yes, you're the beneficiary of the fuel provider's initiative to further expand its reach under the new normal.The company has
We’re getting some war flashbacks
Man, we Filipinos just love cheap fuel, don't we? I say this because the recent brouhaha over Petron's 50% off promo brought back memories of a similar (if not worse) scenario from a few years back.Way back in 2017,
‘We sincerely apologize’
If you managed to pass by a Petron gas station around lunchtime today, you probably noticed this wasn't just another regular Tuesday afternoon. The reason for all that traffic? A whopping 50% discount on fuel products from 11am to 1pm.Well,
You might want to gas up elsewhere if you’re in a hurry
Yesterday, Petron announced that it would be slashing 50% off all its fuel prices at select branches in celebration of the 2020 holidays. The promo would only be available today from 11am to 1pm, and customers need only purchase one liter of
Available only from 11am to 1pm. See the list of participating stations here
Need to gas up your car (or cars) this week right before the Christmas celebrations begin? Well, we have some great news for you. Petron's '12 Days of Merry' promo is well underway, and the company is offering a 50% discount
The shutdown will only be temporary, though
Another oil refinery in the Philippines is set to shut down (albeit temporarily) as Petron Corporation has announced that it will be suspending the operations of its facility in Limay, Bataan.News of the Petron Bataan Refinery shutdown last came about when
Now this is what we call a grand prize
Can you imagine never having to pay for gas again? We can. The savings from the one or two road trips you take annually alone would already amount to a small fortune-but a lifetime worth of free gas? This is every
Or sitting anywhere in your garage for that matter
When it comes to car accessories, some things you simply don't have to mess with.Take the classic Wavian jerrycan, for example. It's simple, durable, and still produced in the same factory that has been manufacturing them for North Atlantic
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