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Want one? Start saving up for when it goes on sale in 2020
The Supra GT4 Concept of this year's Geneva International Motor Show is going to be a thing. Toyota has announced it will sell them to "private/customers teams" starting next year. It will be eligible for Europe's VLN Series, the
The haters can keep quiet now
Remember how excruciatingly slowly Toyota unveiled the new Supra? We definitely do. And it seems, so do the kids over at Toyota. The only difference is that they must have enjoyed every second, because it does appear that they're intent on
Care of Gazoo Racing
The Toyota Corolla is back, and with it, much promise of sharper dynamics than ever before. Thus far, we've been a bit unmoved by it, essentially because its enthusiasm-sapping hybrids remove any great desire you might have to discover the
Meet the Gazoo Racing Daihatsu Copen
It may not have escaped your attention that we're quite partial to Japan at Top Gear. It's a country of wild and wonderful car culture, one of the very best elements being the kei car.Deliberately tiny and deliberately slow,
Next month—which is also when the production-spec car will be unveiled
Toyota really knows how to tease. We're still yet to see the finished production-spec Supra, yet rather than give us even a slight glimpse at it, the carmaker is diverting our attention toward one of its race-car cousins.Well,
As tough as races come
You've seen the Toyota Hilux as a workhorse in construction sites and as a rugged off-roader in the depths of our muddy rainforests. Hell, you've seen this thing ferrying militias with a .50 cal mounted on its bed, so
Toyota’s performance brand now makes coupes, hot hatches, and, um, pickups
We like this company perk
Recent Manila visitor Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, is universally credited for reinvigorating the traditional Japanese carmaker, with exciting products like the Lexus F line and the Toyota 86. He's a real car guy, who likes to
It could weigh 100kg less
Exciting news. Gazoo Racing chief and father of the new 2019 Toyota Supra, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed that a stripped-out, track-focused version is already part of his plan for the reborn sports car, co-developed with the new BMW Z4.
Make hybrids great again
Attention, motoring internet: A new niche has been created. Not another tiresome coupe-SUV monstrosity, either. Toyota's created something entirely new. It might be genius. It might make no sense. It's a hybrid supermini designed to handle-but not go-
Welcome back
So this is it--the all-new Toyota Supra, albeit in the guise of a Gazoo Racing Concept rather than a production model. The legendary Japanese sports car made its return at the ongoing Geneva International Motor Show, and there's a
The non-concept cars that still drew a crowd
We did a pretty extensive roundup of all of the concept cars unveiled by Toyota at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, but there were also a few standouts that drew a fair amount of attention. Here's a gallery of what got
Which is your pick?
If you've ever wished that Toyota would release a sporty lineup the way Honda does with Mugen and Modulo, then your prayers have been answered. Meet the GR sports car series, courtesy of Gazoo Racing.The lineup consists of three classifications:
Are you as excited as we are?
Is the upcoming Supra follow-up not enough to keep you up at night over what Toyota has in store in the performance department? Well then, here's some news for you: Automotive News reports that the company is planning to unveil
This is one exciting Toyota
A Toyota Yaris? Why should I be excited? This is the Toyota Yaris GRMN. It is far and away the most exciting Yaris ever, save for the World Rally car. In fact, it's meant to be the link between regular Yaris
Anyone else excited?
Can the heat of the competition match that of the weather? The 2017 season of the Toyota Vios Cup is right around the corner, and this year is looking to be just as good-if not better-than last year.For starters,
It's called the Yaris GRMN
It's fast, packs over 200hp, underwent extensive testing at the Nurburgring's a Toyota Yaris? Yes, you better believe it. The Japanese carmaker has transformed its lovable, mild-mannered city car into a full-fledged high-performance hot hatch,
As well as a pair of minivans
Last October, Toyota wowed the world when it presented the S-FR sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Just like the highly successful 86, the S-FR is an attainable performance machine that may not have the most powerful engine,
With bigger 5.3-liter V10 engine
Toyota has revealed that it will run a sports car research vehicle based on the Lexus LFA at the Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurace Race, which will take place in June. Toyota made the announcement at the opening of the 2014 Tokyo Auto
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