Let’s draw a line between mobility and driving
The car as it is today remains saddled (pun intended) with the legacy of the horse-drawn carriage. In fact, the name is literally an abbreviation of automated carriage, and if I had a few hours to bore you senseless, I'd
What's your take?
Once you've done it long enough, driving becomes instinctive. Even when you drive a manual, which involves operating three pedals, shifting gears, and steering all at once. It's hard at first, but once you get the hang of
Because 9-speed just isn't enough
Many in the auto industry say that when it comes to transmissions, six is the new four. But some carmakers would beg to disagree. For example, Mitsubishi now employs an eight-speed gearbox for the Montero Sport, while Mercedes-Benz has the
We want you to take our poll
If you're buying the all-new Ford Mustang, we ask you to take a good, wistful look at the photograph. That's because you will never be able to experience what you see in the picture.No, we're not talking
Will this change your perception of Chinese cars?
What will Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors have in common with the likes of Audi, Bugatti and a few Formula 1 teams? The use of Ricardo gearboxes or engines.Great Wall and Ricardo have agreed to collaborate for the Chinese brand's
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