Which would you choose for P1.2 million?
Just when you thought the subcompact-crossover segment couldn't get any bigger, a new entry lands on our shores. Volkswagen Philippines has finally joined in the cute-ute party with its T-Cross. How will it fare against the segment's
The brand continues to grow
Geely seems to be doing quite well for itself since it entered the Philippine market a couple of years ago. We aren't just saying this based on the increasing number of its cars out on the road, either. Even its dealership
Sounds like candy, if we’re being honest
Sure, Geely could have settled on a smorgasbord of consonants and numerals in naming its latest concept, the Vision Starburst. But if you're unbound by the shackles of feasibility, you might as well take advantage of that freedom when it comes
It is located in Alabang Town Center and will be open until September 30
Sojitz G Auto Philippines' (SGAP) expansion of Geely's local dealership network continues. The company has just announced that its pop-up showroom in Alabang Town Center is now officially open."While Geely is expected to rise in Alabang this year, we
We can see it working here
When the Geely Coolray first landed on our shores back in 2019, it was a very pleasant surprise. Here was a car brand that not many locals had heard of making noise off the back of a worthwhile new product-a small,
After a successful year, Geely is about to see some big changes in our market
Big changes are up for Geely here in our market. After what has undoubtedly been a successful year for official distributor Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP), the company has announced that its current president and CEO Mikihasa Takayama will be stepping down.
This model is making waves
If you're still going out during the pandemic, you've probably noticed that there are quite a few Geely Coolrays plying Metro Manila's streets these days. This isn't by coincidence, as the subcompact crossover is one of the hottest
Think this will be a thing?
They may not be zipping about overhead like in The Jetsons, but so far, Volocopter's air taxis might be the closest we've gotten to having actual flying cars. Now, Chinese auto giant Geely is helping the company introduce the service
Would you buy this?
Electric vehicles? Dull? Maybe 10 years ago. Not so much now, with the likes of Ferrari and Porsche jumping into the fray, and personalities like Elon Musk constantly making the news. Geely, though, believes there's still room for improvement when it
Should this make its way to our market, too?
We've been seeing photos and teasers of this SUV making the rounds on cyberspace over the past few months, but now it's official: Geely has finally revealed its latest SUV, the Xingyue L."In 2019, we unveiled a preface of
Those in the market for a brand-new Geely should take note
Geely has been aggressively expanding its dealer network over the past several months, and it is now opening yet another showroom. This time around, though, the Chinese carmaker is going digital.Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) has just announced that its new
We’re going with slightly different segments this time
Ultimately, the decision on what car to buy comes down to price. Forget fancy features, mind-boggling performance, and segment preferences: If something's out-of-budget, it's usually out of the question-lest you end up financially handicapped for the
This new facility will operate under the management of Sojitz G Auto Philippines
Geely has continued to make waves here in our market. Its growth in terms of vehicle sales and its nationwide reach has been steady since its reintroduction under Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) in 2019.Actually, to say that SGAP has been "
The brand’s fourth dealership in Mindanao
Geely's dealer-network expansion in the country has been moving along at a pretty steady clip. A couple of weeks back, its showroom in Baliuag, Bulacan, began operations. Now, local distributor Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) has opened another one: Geely
What do you think of the name?
We've got to be honest here: We aren't exactly digging the name. The proposition, though? We're all for it.Zeekr is the Geely Auto Group's new electric car brand, and the Chinese auto giant wants its new baby
This marks the fourth straight month that Geely PH has opened a new dealership
Geely is on a roll expanding its dealer network. Sojitz G Auto Philippines Corporation (SGAP), the brand's local distributor, has just announced that Geely Baliuag in Bulacan is now officially open. This marks the fourth straight month that the Chinese marque
What would you like to see these two industry giants come up with?
About this time last year, talks about Geely and Volvo's merger surfaced in cyberspace. It would result in the creation of a new entity consisting of the two industry giants, similar to how Stellantis was formed. Unfortunately, it appears that the
That’s one way to ring in the Year of the Ox
So, how did you celebrate Chinese New Year last week? Opened up a box of tikoy, or perhaps lit up a few firecrackers? That's nice. If, however, you're one of the world's largest Chinese carmakers, chances are a snack
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