Like with the X Concept and the X Speedium Coupe that came before it, we have literally no idea what powers this latest Genesis concept other than 'electricity', but if we're honest, it really doesn't matter.Just look at the
Aren’t some EVs already fun, though?
This is the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept, and it doesn't preview an upcoming Genesis model, nor does it resemble a 'conventional' concept in any way.According to Genesis, it's a 'freestyle' design exercise riffing off the Genesis X Concept.
This should be as fun as it is funky
A Genesis is to Hyundai what a Lexus is to Toyota: a posher, plusher, more expensive offshoot eyeing BMW and Audi sales. So far Genesis has concentrated on conquering the US, but it's recently dipped a toe into Europe with brash
South Korean car manufacturers are now apparently the most reliable in the US market. The latest J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study ranked Kia, Hyundai, and Genesis among the region's most dependable brands.Kia took the top spot in the 2022
Now this is what we call traffic-proof
Earlier this month, luxury car manufacturer Genesis gave the world a proper look at the 2022 G90 sedan-a vehicle that's supposed to take on the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.Now, as far as the exterior is concerned,
It’s a very posh and refined car
What is the plural of Genesis? Genesises? Genesi? It's Geneses if you consult an online dictionary. It's something we ought to make a decision on quickly, though, because the luxe Korean brand is cranking out new cars at a turbocharged
A ‘Boost Mode’ available also lets the car do 0-100kph in four seconds flat
Back in August, Genesis-Hyundai's new luxury brand-gave us a glimpse of its first dedicated electric car, the GV60. And now it has furnished us with the first juicy details of its dinkiest crossover.Let's start with the big
After all, it sits on the same platform as Kia’s Stinger GT
The Genesis G70 is the latest plucky upstart that thinks it can waltz onto the premium-badged compact sports-sedan battlefield and set up camp among the dominant likes of the BMW 3-Series, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the Audi
We’ve just been given a preview of the brand’s newest EV
Genesis has been spot-on with the design of its luxury vehicles. We've seen it churn out some of the most elegant sedans and SUVs in the business these past few years. But its latest vehicle has got to be one
Based on the Genesis X Concept and the new G70
Here's an interesting collab from Genesis: the carmaker teamed up with the people behind Gran Turismo to turn the G70 into a futuristic race car concept.The G70 GR4 Gran Turismo concept, as it's called, was unveiled at an "ultramodern
Look at those wheels
In case you didn't know, the Genesis G80-Hyundai's answer to the BMW 5-Series, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and the Audi A6-isn't even slightly sporty. Some people wouldn't be bothered by that at all, but
A posh, electric-powered sedan, anyone?
Gone are the days when electric vehicles were relegated to overly conscious environmentalists and those looking to do away with conventional fuel expenses. Need proof? Performance brands are getting in on the segment, and some of the gnarliest cars around run on
Trippy stuff
Fireworks are neat, but they aren't exactly a responsible way to go about celebrating in 2021. Drone shows, though? Not only are they safer, they're also a hell of a lot easier on the ears and lungs. That, and there'
The carmaker has now fully unveiled its new luxury SUV
We said in our previous story that Genesis is looking to end the year with the preview of its second SUV. Well, it appears the carmaker went ahead and launched the GV70 to close out 2020.We've seen most of the
Here’s another luxury SUV coming your way
Think the world needs more of these luxury SUVs? Lucky you, then. Genesis started 2020 with the launch of its first-ever SUV, and it's looking to end the year with a preview of its second: the GV70.The GV70 gets
Actual images of the new-look sedan have been revealed
What a treat: Genesis has finally unveiled the actual non-rendered images of the refreshed G70. This comes a little over a month after the Korean luxury carmaker first previewed the athletic-looking sedan.Now, we know we've seen most of
Simply stunning
Not familiar with Genesis? If you like good-looking cars, you should be. Hyundai's luxury division has been on a major roll lately, releasing one stunning vehicle after the next. In March, the brand revealed the all-new G80, and now
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