“I went in cold, expecting ‘Jumanji’-style nonsense”
Now I must admit straight away that I haven't actually played Gran Turismo in at least two decades. I got bored trying to score my International B licence and doing enough races round the Autumn Ring to try and save up
Because why the heck not?
When you think of the Toyota Alphard, the words 'sporty', 'dynamic', and 'exciting' aren't exactly the adjectives that come to mind. No one's ever brought their Alphard on the racetrack to do laps in it, and we can't imagine
GT 7 just keeps it coming with the awesome freebies
It's safe to say that F1 has produced some deliriously pretty machinery. The Ferrari 641, McLaren MP4/4, Brabham BT52, Lotus 49... all worthy of wall art. But, after a pretty thorough look at all of those 'best-looking F1 cars
Hopefully, it lives up to the hype
Movies based on video games don't have the best track record. For every decent adaptation, there's a handful of facepalm-worthy releases that leave a sour taste in your mouth.Naturally, we were excited when we learned that Gran Turismo
It all boiled down to chance
Today is December 23. To most people, it's just another day standing in between them and finally being able to open their Christmas presents on the 25th. To gamers? The date is so much more.December 23 is actually the Japanese
Time to update your game
Players of Gran Turismo 7 will now be able to sample the bewinged, 532hp delights of Alfa Romeo's rather wonderful Giulia GTAm without being saddled with the other aspects of Alfa Romeo's rather wonderful Giulia GTAm.The mad Alfa forms
Time for an update!
Maybe we've just been playing racing games the wrong way this whole time, but whether it's Dirt, Forza or Gran Turismo, we'll always pick something fun over something fast. Yep, we hear it now; definitely playing the wrong way.
Good luck, guys!
Season three of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Gran Turismo Cup (GR GT Cup) has come to a close in the Philippines. Now, we finally know who will be representing the country in the Asia regionals next month.For the Sporting class, Toyota
Plus, you get two new cars from Pontiac and Porsche
Having won all but one race and claimed all but one pole position in the 1988 Formula One World Championship, the Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna McLaren MP4/4 deserves every bit of recognition it gets.And now it's set to
Hopefully, it isn’t about someone replaying the same race 20 times for credits
Sony has confirmed a Gran Turismo television series is in the works.Sony Pictures Entertainment boss Tony Vinciquerra confirmed to investors in a recent call that the company is planning on making TV series of its key games including its best-selling
No, we’re not referring to the R34 GT-R Skyline...
It wasn't enough to just complete the task-it had to be finished with all golds. Partly for your own OCD and partly because it'd reward you with a better car at the end.Ivan Pavlov wasn't on the
No game is perfect
Anyone who's been alive long enough to remember the early days of modern gaming will tell you that the hobby has evolved quite a bit since then.Technology has changed the way people enjoy their favorite titles, with consoles delivering new
This is it
Gamers, rejoice. Pre-orders for Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have opened in the Philippines. If you have a little money left unspent from the holiday season, now might be the time to treat yourself.Datablitz and
The list includes titles on all platforms
After a year of continued video-game console shortages, postponed releases, and, you know, that whole ongoing pandemic thing, 2022 is actually shaping up rather nicely-for fans of racing games, at least. The return of beloved franchises, stunning graphical showcases for
That’s one hell of a garage
The gameplay mechanics, the graphics, the competitive spirit-all these are what make the Gran Turismo series one of the all-time greats. Ultimately, though, the title always boils down to its cars. If you're looking forward to downing hundreds, if
There will be several braking systems available in the game
Gran Turismo 7 is coming out in March 2022, and we've now learned that there will be a neat new addition to the game: Brembo brake upgrades.The popular designer and manufacturer of high-performance brakes has partnered with Gran Turismo
Anyone else here who bought a PlayStation 5 for the sole purpose of losing themselves in Gran Turismo 7? Well, we have some good news: You won't have to wait much longer-at least if Polyphony Digital will be able to
Based on the Genesis X Concept and the new G70
Here's an interesting collab from Genesis: the carmaker teamed up with the people behind Gran Turismo to turn the G70 into a futuristic race car concept.The G70 GR4 Gran Turismo concept, as it's called, was unveiled at an "ultramodern
‘Kaka-kompyuter mo ’yan!’
Still don't believe there's a future in sim-racing or in esports in general? Well, here's some disheartening news for you naysayers.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed that this year, the first-ever Olympic Virtual Series (OVS)
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