The name means ‘shark’ in Italian
Get ready to learn your new word of the day: 'Squalo.' It means 'shark' in Italian. And it's the name that'll be worn by GTO Engineering's new sports car as inspired by the most illustrious Italian exotica of the '
Eagle, Alfaholics, Singer, GTO, Bond’s DB5—they all contain lessons modern supercars can learn from
I have a recurring dream in which the chief engineer of the latest pointless 800hp supercar is standing there, telling me how great his new creation is. "Zero to 240kph in seven seconds, 370k top speed, Inconel headrests, blah blah." My face
Orders are already being taken for this bespoke sports car
In November 2020, British Ferrari specialist GTO Engineering revealed a few sketches of a car it would very much like to build. It was codenamed Moderna, and it was to be a bespoke sports car that would celebrate the best of '60s
Where metal fantasies come true
If you'd like a classic Ferrari repairing, servicing, restoring, or even inspecting with an expert eye before you make a difficult-to-explain-to-your-accountant bid at an auction, you could do a lot worse than give the folks at
An ode to greatness
GTO Engineering boss Mark Lyon doesn't like the word 'restomod.' He prefers 'revival.' What we have here is a brand-new 1960 Ferrari 250 Short Wheelbase Berlinetta Competizione, or SWB for, er, short.Instead of going to all the hassle of
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