It’s a lot more fun than it sounds
If you're ranking the most sought-after rides of the '90s, the Honda Civic SiR easily has to place way up near the top. That's if it isn't number one on your list already. This vehicle was, and in
That's pretty steep
Fancy owning a pristine Honda Civic SiR equipped with Mugen accessories? If yes, you'll be happy to know that there's one such example floating around, for sale, on social media.Asking yourself why, considering the vehicle's immense popularity,
Do not miss the Manila International Auto Show this month
Assuming you have a bank account with a lot of zeroes in it, you can buy the best automobiles in the world right here in good old Philippines. Fancy a Ferrari 488? A BMW M4? Or maybe a more 'attainable' Subaru WRX
It's still a hit with gearheads
The year 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic cars in the Philippines: the Honda Civic SiR. Honda Cars Philippines, in a stroke of marketing genius, had cashed in on the growing market that was rapidly fueling
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