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The brand reveals its mystery project for the show
No changes have been made to its engine or suspension
Some cars might look capable of going off-road, but in reality, they're only suited to life on asphalt. Honda wants you to know that the Passport isn't one of those vehicles.The Japanese carmaker has revealed a rally-ready
Its name is a mouthful: the Passport Trailsport Rugged Roads Project vehicle
Where we are, Honda isn't exactly associated with "off-roading." Over in the States, though, it's almost an entirely different story.Not only does the carmaker have real off-road capable vehicles in that market, it also builds special-edition
It includes trucks, dirt bikes, power equipment, you name it
Off-roading isn't always something we associate with Hondas here in the Philippines. When you say Honda, you think style and comfort. But if you've always wanted to see the rugged side of this Japanese carmaker, then get a
It’s US-made, V6-powered, and off-road-capable
This is the Honda Passport. And if you're sick of SUVs forgetting about the 'U' for 'utility,' it could be the answer to your woes.Honda says it "can tackle the kind of tough terrain normally reserved for less refined body-
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