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Inspired by Formula E, online sim racing and Nissan’s hatchback heritage
This will be interesting...
The Toyota GR Yaris is one hot hatch that surprised many. After all, Toyota isn't exactly the first brand in mind when someone says 'hot hatch'. Nonetheless, we're glad Toyota made it, and it's not just because of World
This could be a game-changer
The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N isn't finished. The noises it'll pump into the cabin aren't finalized yet. Its pumped-up bodywork is hidden under a garish shrink-wrapped disguise. Inside there's a sporty new steering wheel and sporty
Only in Germany, sadly
So this is the Volkswagen Golf R 333 Limited Edition that was teased last month. It's based on a Golf R Performance, but is crucially also yellow. Now cough up, suckers.We kid... a bit. As the name suggests it's
It's a shame we never got these here
It's hard to believe the Volkswagen Polo GTI is 25 years old. Alas, to commemorate the milestone VW has created the Polo GTI Edition 25, which introduces some design tweaks but nothing in the way of mechanical upgrades. Boo.The GTI&#
by Cat Dow
It's called the Type R S
The Honda Civic Type R recently made headlines for becoming the fastest front-wheel drive car to ever lap the demanding Nürburgring Nordschleife. However, the record run was met with some controversy when 'Ring Raider and Youtuber Mischa Charoudin pointed out
The Type R reclaims its title
The new Honda Civic Type R has followed in the tire tracks of its predecessor by leaving the rest of the front-wheel driven world for dust. Yep, it's broken the Nurburgring lap record again. Honda says the car's development
You know, in case you need more power from the hot hatch
This is exactly what it looks like-a new Civic Type R with an aftermarket exhaust. And it's probably exactly what you're expecting a larger-diameter, stainless steel exhaust to sound like, too.Milltek says it "reduces back pressure by
Grab one while you can
So, the all-new Honda Civic Type R is now available in the Philippines. If the hot hatch's supply situation in Japan is any indication, though, it might not be for much longer.In a statement released on its official Japanese
The next-gen hot hatch finally hits the market
Well, how about that? There were rumors surrounding the potential arrival of the all-new Honda Civic Type R this week. Now, it's finally here. Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) during its media thanksgiving party at Karrera Showroom in Alabang surprised us
The annual Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is one of the biggest automotive showcases the country of Japan has to offer. That said, you need to do a lot if you want to stand out from the rest of the show's exhibitors.
Cross your fingers, guys
It looks like fanboys won't have to wait for the all-new Honda Civic Type R to drop locally much longer.A Honda sales agent we spoke to recently has revealed that the next-generation Civic Type R will be launching
Some choices will surprise you
Yes, it's the cheap-fun-car hero, as packed to the gunwales with fresh excitement as tired anecdotes. It was a car journalist's idea. Miata is always the answer. It's basically the British recipe for a fun roadster; just
Cross your fingers we get it, too
It appears Toyota is expanding its hot hatch stable in the ASEAN market.According to a report by, Toyota Motor Thailand has launched the 2023 GR Corolla at this year's Thailand International Motor Expo.Excited? Even if you do
Let's find out, shall we?
It's an old-school front-drive, manual gearbox hot hatch. A dying breed it might be, but Honda has plenty of history to call on-it's been building Civic Type Rs for 25 years, but what's most remarkable is
Hot damn
Toyota has been on a serious roll with its hatchbacks over the past couple of years. The brand's spicier offerings, in particular, have been something to behold, with the likes of the GR Yaris and GR Corolla stealing a considerable amount
That's over 200hp per liter
Audi describes this limited-edition hot hatch as a "true street artist", though it won't be painting a merry picture outside Europe because, um, you'll see why later.That's right, the most powerful production RS3 ever now bears
Are you okay with this?
The GR Corolla Morizo Edition is arguably the hottest hatch in Toyota's arsenal. At 30kg lighter than stock and with a peak torque of 400Nm, the thing is a certified beast-and as such, Toyota is doing everything in its power
Music to our ears
Toyota has been on a roll when it comes to hot hatches lately. Obviously, there's the GR Yaris. And then the GR Corolla, an option for those who want a little more space and practicality to go with the package.The
Hot damn
Honda didn't reveal everything about the all-new Civic Type R when it pulled the wraps off the hot hatch in July. Yes, we got a proper look at the thing in its entirety-but the official specs remained a mystery.
That’s a 30Nm improvement
The Toyota GR Yaris is not exactly a car that's lacking in potency. Packing a 1.6-liter turbo with 257hp and 360Nm of torque, the thing is about as hot as hot hatches come-and if you aren't careful,
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