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Would you like to see this in PH?
Suzuki's done a bang-up job keeping its sales steady the past couple of years thanks to models like the Ertiga, Jimny, and Celerio-all staples on local roads by now. That said, it would be cool to see the company
A look we can get behind
Kia has really stepped up its design game since it revamped its branding over a year ago. Since then, we've seen stunners like the EV6 and the all-new Sportage show off the carmaker's new aesthetics. Now, add the next-
“A mature and sensible addition to the tightly packed crossover landscape”
This is the new third generation of the Honda HR-V, which started out back in 1998 as a super-cool, three-door soft-roader for the surfing crowd, went quiet for seven years, then came back as a slightly more conventional
Which 1,000hp beast are you betting on?
The Tesla Model S Plaid is one hell of an electric vehicle. It boasts 1,020hp and does 0-97kph in under 2sec. It's basically a supercar/hypercar killer with four doors and plenty of space for both passengers and cargo.
In case you want to clean up your act
Any luxury car buyers here looking to go green? Thankfully, Maserati's latest Philippine release is fit for those trying to make the shift.Moderna Motorsports, Maserati's official local distributor, has just introduced the Ghibli Hybrid for our market. Besides the
Reckon this would make the truck a viable option in Metro Manila?
Need another reason why we need Ford's hybrids in our market? Here's one: They're highly fuel-efficient. A good example is the American carmaker's new compact pickup, the Maverick.The version with solely an internal combustion engine can
The two come with P1.695 million and P1.99 million price tags, respectively
Mazda Philippines dropped a big announcement today as it revamps its roster with the 2022 Mazda Premium Collection. The revised lineup now features four new offerings: mild-hybrid versions of the 3 and the CX-30, and the refreshed 2 and the
Look familiar?
If you liked the look of the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander when it was revealed earlier this year, then you're going to love the all-new Outlander PHEV-because they look very, very similar.The Japanese car manufacturer showed off the
Why not an electric one, though?
Remember when the idea of flying cars was absurd? Yeah, it's been a while since that was the case. These days, it seems like everyone is trying to build one, though they're now technically called vertical take-off and landing (
It can do up to 25.6km/L
Nissan's e-Power technology is making its way to more and more models in its lineup. After the Kicks in Thailand and the Note in Japan, the latest vehicle to get the treatment is the Sylphy over in China.You may
Do you prefer this design or not?
More than a year after its global launch, the Corolla Cross is finally making its way to Toyota's home market of Japan. The compact SUV, however, debuts in the Land of the Rising Sun looking slightly different.The press release calls
What model will come next?
If there's anything that's been made apparent by Toyota's ASEAN lineup over the past several months, it's that the Japanese carmaker isn't shy about using its Gazoo Racing branding on its more consumer-oriented offerings.The Fortuner,
It’s more than just a clean powertrain
Hybrids are quieter, cleaner on paper, and generally more future-proof than their fuel-guzzling counterparts. You would think people around these parts would be eager to make the shift to these types of vehicles, but sadly, this still isn't the
Do you think this still deserves a spot in Toyota’s local lineup?
Toyota quietly removed the Prius C from our market sometime last month. If you check Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) website, you'll only find the bigger Prius listed there.That, however, doesn't mean that the end is nigh for the hybrid
The second model in the lineup after the Bentayga
Off the back of a record start to the year in terms of sales, profit, and production (it's doing rather well), Bentley has launched this-the Flying Spur Hybrid.Now, Bentley is understandably rather proud of the Flying Spur, so the
The engine supposedly sounds similar to a V12
Ferrari is damn serious about building electric supercars. First, it was the SF90 Stradale. Now, we have this: the new Ferrari 296 GTB.You might think the 296 GTB isn't that big of deal because it's not the first hybrid
The brand’s new EV platform is now in the works
Mazda's stable is going to look somewhat different in the next couple of years.The Japanese car manufacturer has laid out its plans for electrification moving forward, saying it expects all of its offerings to "have some level of electrification" by
It wants to transform old batteries into storage systems for renewable energy
About a decade from now, we'll be seeing automakers across the world shift to fully-electric and carbon-neutral lineups. While that may seem like a huge step towards a sustainable future, the transition doesn't come without some challenges.One
Pretty impressive what a change of color can do for a car
It's impressive what a simple change in color can do for a car. Take this Prius, for example. One moment, it's seen as a vanilla hybrid. Add a splash of black, and it's a brooding sedan with a chip
Trust the process
Electrification may have only really taken off the past couple of years, but the revolution has been ongoing for quite a while already. In the case of Lexus, it actually began way back in 2005 with the launch of the RX400h.Since
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