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They’re electric and hydrogen-powered concepts from the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon
Pretty much every single car manufacturer out there is now going big on carbon neutrality. They may have different approaches to achieve it, but the end results are all the same-cutting carbon emissions across the board.Toyota, for one, hasn't
This looks promising
The Toyota Hilux is easily the most utilitarian model in the Japanese car manufacturer's lineup. It's also arguably the most reliable, and possibly the toughest-looking. But clean? Hey, the thing still runs on diesel-let's not kid ourselves
Not all is as it seems
If we didn't know any better, we'd say it looks like BMW is hedging its bets on the future of propulsion. As such, it's begun building its own fuel cells in Munich, the first of which will power a "
How long before the brand’s N models get fuel cells?
The Hyundai Group has outlined the next phase in its massive push toward widespread fuel-cell use. And to get our attention, it has shown a prototype fuel-cell sports car whose battery and electronics systems come from Rimac.The Hyundai Vision
Meet the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boot Pickup Concept
Big news in the weird world of hydrogen-Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has announced that it's developing an H-powered pickup truck based on the brilliant Baja Boot. It's called-deep breath-the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell
The i Hydrogen Next will be produced in limited numbers next year
BMW has begun testing "near-standard" prototypes of the i Hydrogen NEXT-effectively a hydrogen-fueled X5-ahead of presenting a "small-series model" in 2022. The X5s will be tested in Europe under "real-life conditions" as BMW gears up to
Testing is set to begin later this year
The Land Rover Defender is known for its rugged and versatile nature, as well as its ability to conquer almost any terrain you throw at it. For being kind to the environment, though? Not exactly. But this might be about to change.
This is now the longest distance traveled by a hydrogen vehicle on a single tank
Toyota says that if you drive normally, its hydrogen-fuelled Mirai can travel around 644km between fill-ups. Drive much more carefully, though, and you could go further. Maybe a lot further.By doing just that, Toyota France has driven a Mirai
The one-minute clip premiered on Earth Day 2021
Hyundai truly believes hydrogen fuel-cell systems are the way forward. And for this year's Earth Day celebration, the Korean carmaker has decided to launch its new hydrogen campaign film.The one-minute clip is entitled For Tomorrow We Won't
“The outgoing Mirai looked like the science project it was. The new one is a car”
You could be forgiven for missing the significance of this car. It looks like an ordinary-if elegant-Japanese big sedan. Inside and out. It rides and steers like one, too, though extremely refined and well-sorted. The ordinariness is of course
“Pope Francis has a deep interest in global environmental matters”
Who'd have put the Pope down as a car collector? Vatican City's own Jay Leno has just added another, a Toyota Mirai following his Lamborghini Huracan-a rear-wheel-drive one, because he's a purist.Even purer than that,
It’s a Class 8 fuel cell electric truck bound for the North American market
Toyota has steadily developed its hydrogen fuel cell technologies over the years, and vehicles like the Mirai prove that what lies ahead can actually be exciting.Now, the Japanese carmaker has revealed the first images of its new hydrogen-powered concept-this
That total includes fuel-cell buses, trucks, trains, ships, and cars
The hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle can be used in times of calamity, among others
As R&D on electric vehicles continues to make rapid progress, carmakers are finding new ways to utilize the technology beyond the usual applications in the automotive field. Industry giants Toyota and Honda, for example, have now teamed up to create a
It will reportedly produce 368hp
Though BMW says it will be "some time" before hydrogen fuel-cell tech becomes commonplace, work continues-with help from Toyota-on a potential drivetrain.And lo, we have a few small nuggets of info. A prototype hydrogen BMW X5 will be
Can you imagine having emission-free trucks on our roads?
If there's one thing Honda isn't popular for, it's building tough trucks and workhorses. That's might soon change, though, because the carmaker will be building trucks in the near future through its newest partnership with fellow Japanese automotive
The Hyundai Nexo is so normal, you’d forget it’s high-tech. Until you need to fill up
There is a place on the Norwegian RV7 road between-roughly-Maurset and Øvre Eidfjord, just to the south of the Vøringfossen, where you transition from slightly anonymous trunk route to breath-snatching beauty via a rock tube made by drunk
Its ‘FCEV Vision 2030’ plan gets a P362-billion investment
Big news from South Korea: Hyundai Group (HMG), the massive industrial conglomerate that owns Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, is investing £5.5 billion (P362 billion) in a plan called 'FCEV Vision 2030,' which will boost production of hydrogen fuel-cell systems
Zero-emissions R8, please
Remember when mentioning Hyundai and Audi in the same sentence might seem like the set-up to a lazy joke? If you need any further proof the pair are on similar pegging now-beyond brilliant Hyundais-then the pair are now working
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