“The concept fits beautifully”
I don't like plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, aka PHEVs. It frustrates me, carting around a dead engine or a flat battery. The only good PHEV is a PHEV that's working in the sweet spot of gasoline and electric in
Be very afraid
Ferrari's famously unhinged 'XX' series of cars-which count 2005's FXX through 2008's FXX Evo, 2010's 599XX cars and the wild LaFerrari-based FXX-K of 2014-have always been tethered to a racetrack. For the first time,
This could be the hypercar that takes us beyond the petrol era
Mission X. Porsche says it's a concept. Ha. It goes on to say it's intended to be the fastest road-legal car around the Nurburgring. And you don't do that with a concept.What an amazing-looking thing, though.
It's an ideal partnership
Bugatti has built a building, because of course it has. The building is in Dubai, because of course it is. And in keeping with its swanky supercars, it's set to be Dubai's newest swanky apartment block.The ultra-lux sports
by Cat Dow
It’s a new record for the most Lambos on track at one time
Lamborghini turns 60 years old in 2023, so it's been 60 years since-if the Lamborghini movie is to be believed-boss Ferruccio invented time travel in order to park a Ferrari Dino GT outside the front of his new factory.
60 of each will be built
In a sea of Lamborghini derivatives, the Italian brand is launching three limited-edition Huracans. Part of Lamborghini's 60th-anniversary celebrations, we've already met the sporty STO, the 'versatile' Tecnica, and the 'lifestyle' Evo Spyder.Now, 180 deep-pocketed customers
by Cat Dow
The famed 6.5-liter powertrain goes out with a bang
Though production officially ended last September, Lamborghini has given its 6.5-liter V12 engine another encore: meet the new Lamborghini Invencible and Autentica, a pair of one-off hypercars that signal the really very final act of one of the car
Meet the 1,817hp Venom F5 Revolution
The customer is always right, goes the old adage. So, when John Hennessey's Venom F5 customers asked politely about a more track-focussed version of the 480kph+ (300mph+) hypercar, the Texan was only too happy to oblige.And here is the
And it’s really one-of-a-kind
The last Chiron. And perhaps the most controversial. We'll come on to that, but in the meantime, dit bonjour to the Bugatti Chiron Profilée.It's a one-off, based on the Pur Sport. That car you might remember was
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
We'll get straight to the point: Bugatti has stuck one of its development drivers into a Chiron Pur Sport - the leaner, sharper, expensivier version of the Chiron - and let him torture a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s. That's
The 499P is Ferrari’s first-ever Le Mans entry since the 1970s
Ferrari racing cars that share roots with its road cars. Seems like a product of another time, doesn't it? To be able to find the same basic engine in a road-going Ferrari as you would in its endurance racing cars
The last-ever unit has rolled out of Sant’Agata Bolognese
If life is a Lamborghini Aventador, then the mad king's lament from That Scottish Play rings true. It has strut and fret its hour upon the stage, and it will soon be heard no more.Because that sky blue supercar in
Mind-blowing stuff
Celebrating his 50th birthday, Christian von Koenigsegg dispensed with the traditional champagne and mid-life crisis 911, and instead revealed a totally new form of gearbox technology. Truly, nobody parties like Koenigsegg.Yet there's much to celebrate. It's been 20
Only 25 will be built, with each costing around P165 million
Five years ago, about the time Mercedes and Aston Martin were midway through development of their track-focused hypercars, McLaren designed a no-limits Vision racer for Gran Turismo. It had well over 1,100 horsepower from a hybridized twin-turbo V8
And what a way to go
This is the Mistral, the car with which Bugatti is bidding farewell to the internal combustion era. As we're talking eight liters, 16 cylinders, four turbochargers and 1,600 metric horsepower here, that is some era, and clearly something special is
The One has rolled out
September 11, 2017: that's when we first laid eyes on the Mercedes-AMG Project One concept at the Frankfurt motor show, with power coming from a bona fide, championship-winning F1 engine.Except it turns out that sticking the most successful
This is one of only 15 units of the limited-run, US-only hypercar ever built
What you're looking at is a good news/bad news situation. The good? It's a McLaren Sabre, which is pretty much what McLaren looks like when it's properly let off the leash. The bad? Not only can you not
Time to drive the most powerful road-going Lambo ever
The Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 has made its videogame debut, democratizing the limited-edition, 804hp hybrid supercar's sweary performance.It's now available in Asphalt 9: Legends, a game that's been downloaded over a billion times and already features
Only 150 units of the all-electric hypercar will be produced
Last month, we brought you news that the first example of the utterly mad, 1,914hp Rimac Nevera had been completed. That was chassis 000, however, which Rimac is keeping for itself: This is the first of 150 cars to be handed
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