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Not everyone needs big trucks
The Hyundai Santa Cruz is a genre-bending little trucklet, combining the efficient and easy-driving attributes of a compact crossover with the usefulness of a pickup. Just because you want a full-size truck doesn't mean you need a full-
It made its regional debut in Vietnam
As we've said before, we reckon Hyundai will launch an MPV/minivan in the Philippines soon. There's a strong chance it's the Custo, also known as the Custin in Taiwan. It will be an interesting addition to the
A proper Lexus rival from Korea
Hyundai has a lot to celebrate for its luxury brand, Genesis. That's because South Korea's lone luxury car brand recently broke the one million sales milestone. It's quite a feat given that Genesis, as a standalone brand, was
Let’s see the competition
By now, it's likely you know that the Hyundai Custo is (most likely) coming to the Philippines soon. It's a minivan from the South Korean automaker, so it could be said that it fits into two categories: MPV and van.
The Korean brand is looking to end the year strong
Car launch alert, everyone: We've got not one but two new Hyundai models arriving in the local market next month. At least that's how things are looking based on a teaser/invite sent by Hyundai Motor Philippines for a launch
A worthy spin-off?
The Hyundai Stargazer has been a success for the South Korean automaker. It's been selling well in the Philippines, and it even won our recent four-way Big Test recently against tough competition. The new kid on the block has delivered,
Wait if you can
Are you excited for the Hyundai Stargazer X? The Korean carmaker's MPV is the newest in the category, and the regular Stargazer has been winning comparos left and right. Well, it won ours at least. The Stargazer X has a new
It doesn't even get AWD
The Hyundai Creta is getting some off-road credentials, at least in terms of looking the part. Over in India, Hyundai's subcompact crossover gets a new variant, and it gives the car a slightly more butch appearance. Mind you, it's
As well as more details on its features
Aside from debuting the Stargazer X at the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), Hyundai also revealed more details about the all-new Santa Fe today. The next-generation midsize SUV was launched last month, but now the Korean carmaker is
A beefed-up version of Hyundai’s MPV
In a packed hall at the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia Motor Show, Hyundai has unveiled its newest weapon for MPV domination. The Stargazer X, a new variant of the MPV that won our last Big Test, is here. Well, in Indonesia at least.
The comparo many of you have been waiting for
You've already seen part one of our latest Big Test featuring four of the market's top seven-seaters: the Honda BR-V, the Hyundai Stargazer, the Toyota Veloz, and the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. We know you've been dying to
Can it beat its more mainstream rivals?
As Hyundai shies away from its formerly utilitarian model mix in the Philippines and pushes upmarket, it is vehicles like the Stargazer-an entry-level seven-seat MPV-that need to bridge the gap in order to boost sales volume. With its
Hyundai could be gearing up for something big
There have been several updates about the Hyundai Stargazer X over the past few months. We first uncovered that name in February 2023 when it was registered in the local trademark and patent office. At the time, we reckoned it would be
The comparo many of you have been waiting for
Crossovers may be growing even more and more popular these days, but the good, old seven-seater MPVs still continue to dominate the market. No surprise there, because it is hard to outsell a people-hauler if you're a smaller SUV
The specs are amazing
There are events and there are conversations. Sometimes interesting information is gleamed from conversations in events. And this is what happened recently. There is a possibility that the Hyundai Custo will arrive in our market. Also called the Custin in the Taiwanese
It's been a little over a year since the Hyundai Stargazer made its world debut. Hyundai's first subcompact MPV aimed at the ASEAN market was introduced on July 15, 2022, and reached the Philippines in November that same year.The
It's nothing like the outgoing model
We're not exactly sure what we expected the new Hyundai Santa Fe to look like, but it certainly wasn't this. "Robust yet delicately detailed," is how Hyundai describes it. "A lot like a modernised Land Rover Discovery 4," is how
Only for India...for now?
When it comes to mini crossovers, Hyundai sure has a knack for rolling these out. First, there was the Casper that might remain forbidden fruit to those outside South Korea. The second was the Exter, which is made for emerging markets. The
We've been waiting for the Ioniq 5 N
There are many silly, cringe-inducing labels attached to Hyundai N's first ever fully electric performance machine, but the seriousness with which they are deployed will make your brain melt.Welcome to the official unveiling of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.
Looking forward to it?
Nearly every crossover in the Hyundai lineup has been given a redesign in the last five years. Because of that, the South Korean automaker has some of the freshest models out there. However, that isn't stopping the brand from overhauling a
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