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Courtesy of Japanese customizer Shinya Kimura. Say hello to ‘The Wal’
Especially in white
The way the GR badge has been thrown around the past several months has been...mixed. There have been some pretty neat rides to come out of those two letters, including the GR version of the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser and
Over there, holes on the sidewalk are actually covered
Here's something that will drive home how far behind we are when it comes to pedestrian infrastructure: While people walking on two feet around these parts are constantly dodging electrical poles and fissures, some countries are just trying to find ways
This only covers the first two to 13 months of ownership, though
For some people, the first few months with a brand-new ride can make or break the car ownership experience. You paid good money for that shiny new auto sitting in your garage, and the last thing you want is for kinks
And...that’s it
Believe it or not, it's over three years since the Suzuki Jimny's retro makeover, so just in time, the wee off-roader receives an update-on Japanese shores, at least. One that's sensibly not messed with the doe-eyed
Do you prefer this design or not?
More than a year after its global launch, the Corolla Cross is finally making its way to Toyota's home market of Japan. The compact SUV, however, debuts in the Land of the Rising Sun looking slightly different.The press release calls
Based on feedback from you guys, our readers
Recently, we asked you guys what you thought were the best public transportation systems in the world. You know-clean, efficient, organized, and relatively easy to grasp commuting experiences based on your travels abroad.Well, you guys got busy in the comments
Our readers have been around, it seems
A good public transportation system doesn't just mean it's easy for commuters to get around. How efficient, advanced, or well-maintained a country's train lines and buses are can also be indicative of how well (or bad) a nation
Amazing what a change of color can do
You know how a simple change in color can do wonders for a car's aesthetics? Well, this applies to almost everything else as well.Yes, there's a reason why people obsess over what color to go with when it comes
The coolest color shouldn’t come as a surprise
Commuting here isn't as straightforward as in other countries. Plenty of times, switching modes of transportation-such as walking from the tricycle terminal to the train station-involves a walk out in the open, either under an umbrella or under the
If you’re in first class, at least
The Shinkansen bullet train in Japan is easily one of the most impressive forms of transport in all of Asia. Fast, comfortable, and incredibly efficient, it's hard to imagine a better way of zipping around a country than in something like
Would you like to see these on our NMax 155?
Yamaha's NMax 125-or simply NMax in Japan-has been updated for the Japanese market. This maxi-scooter will be available for purchase there starting June 28, and it features several updates that bring it in line with the current NMax
Well, that's that. It's official: There will be no Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) this year.According to a report by The Japan Times, the event's organizers have canceled the event due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is
Do you think this is worth P1.4 million?
Vintage (and legit) JDM legends aren't exactly that hard to come by. That said, it's always a good day when we find one of these, like this 1993 Toyota Supra RZ that's up for bids on'
The stop-motion animated series is the quirkiest and cutest one you’ll see today
Goodbye, little one
Kei-car obsessives of the Internet, it's a sad day. The death knell is ringing for the sweet little Honda S660.It'll have been on sale seven years by the time production comes to a close in 2022, and Honda
Whenever that may be
Planning on visiting Japan once it's finally safe to do so? If yes, chances are Universal Studios Japan might be part of your itinerary. You know, on account of the kids. This has nothing to do with you wanting to try
The autonomous vehicle will transport athletes during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics
Toyota had big things lined up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But as we all know, COVID-19 happened, and all plans went down the toilet and the Olympics itself was postponed to 2021.Naturally, though, work for Toyota went on, and
These kei-car concepts are utterly crazy but completely lovable
Great news! The Tokyo Auto Salon may be going virtual this year, but thankfully our old pals at Daihatsu have lost none of their creative spirit. Click these blue words if you're not sure what we're talking about.That link
At least it’s free
You might want to sit down for this if you already managed to buy tickets for the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon.Event management has announced the cancellation of this year's physical Tokyo Auto Salon to give "priority to the safety of
The first car in the world to get certification for this
The next iteration of the Honda Legend might soon become the most intriguing offering in the Japanese carmaker's lineup. We know, we know, this is quite the statement when you take into account how exclusive this model is. But there's
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