Think local pickup offerings are tough? Over in the US, these vehicles are different beasts entirely.Just take a look at the all-new Toyota Tundra, for example. Yes, it's a Japanese pickup, but it's a Japanese pickup built for
Time to drop by the service center
Even expensive luxury cars need a quick fix every now and then. If you happen to own a Lexus, a visit to a dealership for servicing might be in order now, as the brand is once again holding its Car Maintenance Weekend
Looking good
Yes, not one, but two new Nissan GT-Rs. Christmas certainly came early for fans of this badge, eh?The carmaker has announced that it is expanding its GT-R lineup over in Japan and the US with the addition of a
Education is priceless
Mazda Philippines isn't letting COVID-19 put a stop to its partnership with the MFI Polytechnic Institute.In a statement, the Japanese car manufacturer's local distributor Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP) said it will push through with its BAP Mazda-MFI
Southeast Asia remains safe, thankfully
If this new report turns out to be true, the Japanese car market might soon have one less player when it comes to domestic car development.According to a recent report by Nikkei Asia, Mitsubishi plans to cease the development of car
Choose one
Yes. The Japanese carmaker recently unveiled its next-gen performance sedan and an edgy new look along with it. Judging by some of the comments on the brand's North America Facebook account, the reaction to the new model's appearance is
Imagine this coming to your rescue
Over-the-top emergency vehicles are something we come across relatively often here at Top Gear Philippines. This one, though, might be the coolest we've seen in a pretty long while.Yes, what you're looking at is a Toyota
Inspired by one of the most iconic tracks in the world
Very few race tracks in the world feature a backdrop as stunning as the Fuji Speedway's in Japan. Built near the base of Mount Fuji, many gearheads consider the setting an essential itinerary item for a visit to Land of the
We’ll never get tired of renders
Nissan hasn't revealed everything it has on the all-new Z car. Yes, we've seen what the legitimate production version looks like, and we've already been told that it's powered by a monstrous new twin-turbo V6 with
Pickups are usually associated with a high ride, off-road capability, and workhorse mentality. In Thailand, though? There's a little more to trucks over there than you think.Take the Toyota Hilux GR Sport that's just been launched there, for
Better late than never
Subaru fans, rejoice. The all-new WRX is set to be revealed-again.In case you missed it, the dirt-kicking Subie was supposed to make its global debut during this year's New York Auto Show. The event was canceled for
Only a matter of time now
Are you still holding out on buying a brand-new SUV hoping the Nissan Terra will launch soon? Just sit tight because it's only a matter of time before the refreshed midsize SUV is introduced locally. Need more motivation? The updated
Music to our ears
No hybrids, no full-electric powertrains-at least not yet. Yes, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser still comes powered by good old-fashioned gasoline and diesel, and we reckon a few of you persists out there are pleased with the Japanese
Is a PH launch coming soon?
Car buyers over in Thailand will be the first in the region to get hold of the refreshed Nissan Terra. The launch comes after the Japanese carmaker officially introduced its updated midsize SUV to the Thai market on August 19.Over there,
It’s more than just a clean powertrain
Hybrids are quieter, cleaner on paper, and generally more future-proof than their fuel-guzzling counterparts. You would think people around these parts would be eager to make the shift to these types of vehicles, but sadly, this still isn't the
Expect even more electric Nismo cars in the future
Last week, Nissan began teasing the silhouette of its next Nismo car. The news was kind of overshadowed by the upcoming reveal of the company's next-generation Z car, but was still news worth following because, well, Nismo.Well, the Japanese
This, or the all-new MU-X?
It appears we might have another midsize SUV battle on our hands: The all-new Isuzu MU-X versus the refreshed Nissan Terra.Nissan Philippines has released teasers for its updated nameplate, indicating that a local release might be imminent. Now, the
Prepare your wallets
Planning on buying the Philippine-bound 2022 Isuzu MU-X? If yes, be prepared to shell out at least P1,590,000 for the base unit. A source from within the Japanese car brand has provided Top Gear Philippines with the local
Isuzu PH released a teaser over the weekend
We have some good news for anyone who's been holding out on buying a ride while waiting for the all-new MU-X to arrive: Isuzu Philippines has revealed that the next-generation midsize SUV is coming, and it might be
Recent customers are entitled to rebates, too
Interested in the 2021 Navara? Well, Nissan Philippines has some very good news for you in light of the Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI) order to halt the imposition of safeguard duties on imported vehicles.The carmaker has just announced
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