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“It’s a working vehicle, and a damn good one”
I'm driving a box van across a muddy field in hot, muggy weather, mud sloshing past the wheels as we crawl across ditches that would strand a lesser van. Most other times, I'd be worried about having to get out
A look we can get behind
Kia has really stepped up its design game since it revamped its branding over a year ago. Since then, we've seen stunners like the EV6 and the all-new Sportage show off the carmaker's new aesthetics. Now, add the next-
It is the first local facility to bear Kia’s new store design and corporate logo
Kia underwent a major rebrand to start the year, unveiling a new logo and corporate slogan. Kia Philippines has already started the same transformation, and it has now inaugurated its first dealership to bear the same elements: Kia Alabang.The new Alabang
It was plugged for just a little over 7 hours throughout the 4,635.7km trip
Still not a believer of Kia's new electric vehicle? Maybe this will change your mind: The carmaker just set a Guinness World Record with the new EV6 for the shortest charging time to cross the US in an electric vehicle.This
It also boasts a wide arsenal of tech and nearly 500km of range
Kia gave us a nice tease of what's to come when it first showed us sketches of the Concept EV9. Now, we finally get a good look at the electric concept, and we'll tell you this: It's quite the
The brand plans to go fully electric in Europe by 2035
Kia hasn't revealed its next all-electric, large SUV called the Concept EV9-which you can't really see in the images here. At least not yet. But it has promised to stop selling combustion-engined cars in Europe by 2035
If you find the standard look too tame
The Kia Stonic landed in the Philippine market last year with two main qualities going for it. The first is that its compact size makes it a practical choice for people living in the city, and the second is that it's
Another seven-seater SUV to consider
There's already a plethora of seven-seat SUVs available in the market if you're on the hunt for one. Considering the country's obsession with passenger capacity, though? More is always merrier.The latest addition to the segment comes courtesy
The tennis legend has committed to actively using Kia’s first EV
Kia is ushering in a new era with the arrival of its first dedicated electric vehicle, the EV6. To promote the use of this new eco-friendly mobility solution, long-standing brand ambassador and legendary tennis player Rafael Nadal has committed to
New exterior design elements, larger interior space
Well, if it isn't the new Kia Sportage. Kia's just revealed it at the motor show they're doing in Munich this week. It's the first European-specific one in 28 years. The car, that is, not the motor
The van that can
Once upon a time, the Mitsubishi L300 FB was the de facto choice for moving cargo and people. Sure, other trucks came before it, like the Tamaraw, the Fiera, the Anfra, and even Mitsubishi's own Cimarron. But in the turbulent years
Do you fancy the look?
First Morgan, now Kia. The rise of the 'unlikely off-road conversion' is in full swing, the latest being this, the Kia Soul EV Boardmasters Edition. Unlike the mighty Morgan Plus Four CX-T, though, this is a one-off and not
“Nag-class ako dati, eh kaso natatakot ako”
Late in July, Filipino weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz became a household name after nabbing our country its first-ever gold medal in the Olympic games. Not surprisingly, local businesses jumped at the chance to reward her as soon as she landed back on
Uplifting news to end the week, folks: Days after Hidilyn Diaz came home with the Philippines' first-ever Olympic gold medal, she has now received the brand-new Kia Stonic that Ayala Corporation and Kia Philippines promised her.The company just shared
The new facility will cater to Kia customers down south
Kia Philippines has been pretty aggressive in expanding its dealership network as of late. After opening a couple of new dealers back in May, the carmaker has now launched yet another new facility, this time in San Pablo City, Laguna."It is
Ayala Foundation has given Diaz the title ‘Atletang Magiting’
The rewards just keep on coming for Hidilyn Diaz, and we're all for it. The latest addition to the Olympic gold medalist's growing list of incentives is a brand-new Stonic from Kia Philippines.Diaz will be receiving no less
It comes with foot massagers!
When someone brings up 'luxury' minivans around these parts, only a few names really immediately come to mind. Obviously, there's the Toyota Alphard and, more recently, its higher-end cousin from Lexus, the LM. Now, the Kia Carnival is bringing itself
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