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To be unveiled at next year's Geneva Motor Show
Next year, you'll see the successor to the Koenigsegg Agera. Specifically, you'll see it at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and you will be in for something quite special.Speaking at Monterey's car week in California, Christian von Koenigsegg
'More capable than the Agera RS'
Koenigsegg's new hypercar is T-minus eight months from being revealed at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. Let the teaser pictures commence.Here's the first clue to how the new Agera-replacing Swedish hypercar will look. This collection of
With mind-boggling engine figures
A month ago, we reported that Swedish supercarmaker Koenigsegg was going to launch two new cars at the Geneva Motor Show. Well, with the annual event now in full swing, here are the cars: the Agera RS and the Regera hybrid megacar.
It's the Agera
From Koenigsegg's Instagram account. Follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram.
For setting the world's fastest 0-300-0kph sprint
Remember the Koenisegg Agera R that the Swedish carmaker claimed last September as having set six new world records for production cars? Guinness World Record has officially recognized its 0-300-0kph sprint of 21.19 seconds as the fastest of its
Can it beat the Veyron Super Sport though?
Koenigsegg has set six new world records for production cars using a standard Agera R at its proving ground in Ängelholm, Sweden.Using a Racelogic VBox performance recorder, the data was collected and measured by a third party and the following numbers
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