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A new turbo, a new Marshall Bluetooth speaker, and an exceptional paint job
“This car will be better in every measurable way”
If a car model has lived long enough to see way past the golden age of 50, people start to think if there ever will be a next-generation model to come at all. Case in point: the Land Rover Defender. Its
The mighty 4x4 has completed its journey to Frankfurt
It's been like the build-up to a royal wedding. Anticipation is at fever pitch and everyone has their own opinion what it should be like. Yet on one thing, we can agree: the somewhat entitled assumption that no other nation
It's like having a war machine
Mental note: Never agree to pick up a Land Rover Defender 110 when you've just spent five hours in the saddle on a furious bicycle ride, including a life-flashing-before-your-eyes impact with a wayward motorcycle. I was black
Nameplate to cease production in December 2015
Land Rover has confirmed that it will cease producing the Defender by December 2015. To mark the milestone, the British truckmaker has revealed that it is creating three limited-edition models that each celebrate "a different element of the Defender's unique
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