Perfect for Father’s Day
Do you want to see the latest Lexus models but Bonifacio Global City, where the Lexus showroom is located, is surrounded by gridlock? Don't fret, because Lexus Philippines is showing off its hottest cars in a slightly more accessible venue. From
The brand is on a hot streak
Lexus has been a roll when it comes to its crossovers recently. The RZ, Lexus' first-ever global EV, was a thing to behold. And then not long after, the refreshed UX was unveiled.Now? The brand is making changes to the
Discounts, low down payment offers, low-monthly plans—you name it
It’s supposedly undergone a “complete renewal”
It's been one product launch after another for Lexus. Fresh off the reveal of the new UX, the carmaker is now gearing up to introduce yet another new model: the all-new RX.Lexus has confirmed that the next-gen model
From May 19 to 22
Have you ever seen a Lexus LFA in person? Considering only 500 of them were ever made, we reckon many of you guys will answer in the negative here. If you've ever wanted to catch one in the metal, Lexus Philippines
The brand’s smallest offering just got more desirable
The Lexus UX may be the Japanese brand's smallest offering, but it's heading into 2023 with some pretty big upgrades.Lexus has revealed the refreshed version of its subcompact crossover, flaunting a host of improvements to the car's convenience.
Time to move up to something more premium?
Considering moving up to something snazzier on the automotive totem pole? Lexus Philippines has a few deals you might be willing to consider.The Japanese carmaker is continuing its streak of local promo offers with new summer deals on the RX and
Will it succeed?
Say hello to the Lexus RZ, the Japanese car brand's first-ever global electric vehicle. To say the company has a lot riding on this thing's success is a massive understatement, considering Lexus hopes to draw 100% of its sales
But the car still looks good so we're not complaining
What's that, you say? You want news of a special-edition V8? Well, it just so happens that we've taken delivery of such news very recently.It arrives in the shape of the Lexus LC, now in its seventh year
Special financing deals are also available on the entire RX range
Lexus Philippines is back at it again this month with more sweet deals on select models. If you're looking to buy a new premium crossover or sedan, you might want to check these offers out.This March, the entire Lexus RX
The brand is offering a 40% discount
Lexus Philippines has been a very generous car brand lately-not just because of special deals and financing options on a handful of its offerings, but because of discounts on some of its services and products, too.The luxury car brand is
You could see this coming from a mile away
If you're planning to buy a Lexus LX soon, we certainly hope you don't reside in Japan.This is because the luxury car manufacturer has announced that the wait time for brand-new units of the full-size SUV is
Looking for a good deal from a premium Japanese brand?
Lexus Philippines is once again making several of its offerings easier to drive home this month.The Japanese luxury car brand is still throwing in special financing offers with the RX450h, the RX350 F Sport, and the RX350. These models will be
This electric supercar is set to be launched by 2030
Lexus has revealed a few more pictures of the electric car that'll 'revive' the spirit of the V10-engined LFA. There's no name just yet, but there will be before it arrives in 2030.It's just one of a
Such lookers
Lexus recently gave us a look at its upcoming RZ electric SUV, and we know a lot of you agree with us when we say it's quite the looker. Suffice to say, the carmaker has its design game on point.Not
Looking for a meaner appearance?
The Lexus UX is easily one of the sportiest-looking crossovers available in the market. If, however, you're tip-toeing over the idea of buying one because you want something with a slightly more aggressive demeanor, Lexus Philippines might now have
Our first look at the Lexus RZ
This, ladies and gents, is what the new Lexus RZ electric SUV will look like when it's revealed in full in the next couple of months. It's... not bad, is it?Not by SUV standards anyway. The notches down the
Check out the official specs of the crossover
Earlier this month, we managed to get the official prices of the all-new NX ahead of the crossover's Philippine launch. At the time, though, no official specs for the vehicle were available.Now, the next-generation NX has finally been
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