Another China exclusive
Hot hatchbacks: Fun to drive, not very comfortable.Stretch limousines: Nice to lounge about in, not ideal at the Nürburgring.And yet, the engineering might of AMG has attempted to combine this pair of disagreeing elements to create this piece of
When your market can demand its own variant
The Shanghai motor show is traditionally awash with long-wheelbase versions of sedan cars for the Chinese market, and this year is no different. For those that can't afford a full-fat Mercedes-AMG sedan there's the new stretched A35,
And it comes with a lot of toys
Do not adjust your screens, your aspect ratio isn't out of whack. You are looking at the new, longer, more capacious Porsche Panamera Executive-with a wheelbase stretched by 150mm compared to the standard model. And the really good news? It
Check out this Cadillac
Judging from the badges, this is a Cadillac Fleetwood from the early '50s.Look at all of that chrome. I must say that I really dig the giant bullet tips on the front bumper.Even if its chrome is tarnished, this Cadillac
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