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We’re not surprised
With over 50 years under its belt, the Range Rover name is one that's had plenty of practice catering to Land Rover's clientele. It's no surprise, really, that the model remains arguably the most renowned offering in a continuously
The entire thing will be unveiled later this month
We're not quite sure how much you'll be able to decipher from the image above, but that blurry thing there is the brand new, fifth-generation Range Rover. Yep, exciting stuff.Land Rover will pull the wraps off (and sort
We wonder what sitting in one of these in traffic is like
If you're even considering buying an armored vehicle, chances are you have bigger problems to worry about than staying comfortable while stuck in traffic. Perhaps assassinations or kidnappings?That said, if someone's willing to go to those kinds of lengths
We would’ve wanted to sleep through 2020 and 2021...but also 2022?
We're fully used to the 'model year update' strategy these days. Jaguar Land Rover is especially keen on continual, small tweaks and improvements to its cars rather than waiting to heap them all into one big, earth-shaking facelift.What we'
Another awesome car was sent to the scrap heap for the sake of entertainment. Utterly disgusting.Just kidding. We absolutely love it when production opts to crash real cars instead of computer-generated ones (looking at you, Fast and Furious). We hate
In case the NX was too small for you
Lexus Manila has been subtly pushing premium car buyers towards the NX these past couple of months with zero-interest deals and other enticing offers. If you're someone who found the crossover a tad bit too small for your tastes, though,
At least when it comes to looks
The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen's design isn't just one of the most timeless in the industry-it's also one of the toughest. There's a reason the German brand has hardly messed with the look since the SUV first
The EQS SUV’s grille, according to the carmaker, is ‘progressive’
This isn't the first-ever fully-electric Maybach production car, but it's really, really not far off. It's called the Mercedes-Maybach EQS, and it's a "near-production" one-off that spears Maybach's zero-emission future off
The brand promises it will be as capable as its combustion-engined version
Good grief. As Mercedes-Benz advances toward its declared goal of 'electric-only,' even the most unlikely candidates are being shifted to battery power. Welcome to the EQG-here at the Munich motor show as a concept, but coming very soon as
As in Defender V8 Bond Edition
Bond is back. Nearly. Almost. After an interminable delay caused by you-know-what, Daniel Craig's latest turn as the world's most conspicuous spy in No Time to Die is coming to a cinema near you (well, if where you
A stretch?
Man, Chinese carmakers are really stepping up their game. Not only are brands from the People's Republic aggressively expanding outside their home market-they're coming up with products that are fit to show off on the global stage, too.The
Music to our ears
No hybrids, no full-electric powertrains-at least not yet. Yes, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser still comes powered by good old-fashioned gasoline and diesel, and we reckon a few of you persists out there are pleased with the Japanese
It’s more than just a clean powertrain
Hybrids are quieter, cleaner on paper, and generally more future-proof than their fuel-guzzling counterparts. You would think people around these parts would be eager to make the shift to these types of vehicles, but sadly, this still isn't the
These optional rims are 22 inches in diameter
Great news for those who were thinking about buying a Bentayga but always thought it was around 24kg too heavy-Bentley's Mulliner division has developed an all-new 22-inch wheel that's made exclusively from carbon fiber.Yep, it apparently
The most practical Aston ever?
Aston Martins? They're fast, luxurious, and for some, the pinnacle of British motoring. Practical, though? Not so much.Everything changed, however, when the car manufacturer launched the DBX in 2019. This wasn't just any new Aston-this was the brand'
Like the look?
Very funny. But yes, the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is now arguably the boxiest it's ever been, and it's easily one of the boxiest, squarest models currently available-perhaps even more so than the Land Rover Defender. Hard surfaces
Top speed? Just 290kph
Bentley will be a fully-electric car company by the end of the decade. But for now, it's doing what it's traditionally done best: mighty, petrol-powered luxury cars, the latest of which is the Bentley Bentayga S.It's
The car isn’t half-bad, either
Many utilitarians take pride in keeping their SUV's rear cargo area as organized as possible. Sometimes, this is done via bins, racks, or other no-brainer aftermarket accessories. Count yourself among the lucky if your ride comes with a neatly concealed
Welcome to what could well be the poshest Land Rovers ever-the new SVAutobiography and SVAutobiography Dynamic Ultimate Editions.Hand-finished by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division, the Ultimate Editions are supposed to "represent the pinnacle of Land Rover'
Beauty, beast, or both?
A Rolls-Royce is not typically a vehicle you see being messed with aftermarket-wise. Why? The answer is plain and simple: These things are expensive AF. Not many have the bank account to own, let alone play around, with vehicles of
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