Show cars, race cars, and big bikes will still be exempted from this
A fair warning to motorists fond of fitting their cars and motorcycles with loud aftermarket exhausts: The proposed 'Anti-Muffler' ordinance in Manila City has now been signed into law.Section 5 of Ordinance No. 8772 specifies the prohibited acts as follows: "
Usage will be limited as the DPWH conducts repairs and rehabilitation
Important news for all drivers and operators of commercial vehicles: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced that the Nagtahan Flyover in Manila City will be off-limits to trucks for seven months starting today.The Department of Public Works and
This offer won’t last forever, though
Traffic violators in Manila City may no longer have to pay for their fines-if they take the city up on its offer for amnesty, that is.The local government has just announced that traffic and parking fines will be covered by
Aftermarket exhaust businesses in the city will also still be allowed to operate
You may have heard about the new 'Anti-Muffler' ordinance being proposed in Manila City. As of this writing, Ordinance No. 8145 only needs city mayor Isko Moreno's signature before its implementation begins.Some specific details weren't discussed yet during
There is a proper time and place to make noise
Loud cars can be fun, but at the same time, there's a proper time and place to show them off. During a track day is one of them-while passing through a residential area where people are trying to get some
This should help improve safety for both pedestrians and motorists in the area
The street-lighting efforts Manila City government continue. After installing street lights along major thoroughfares like Taft Avenue, the local government unit has now lit up the intersection of the LRT-1 Blumentritt Station and Rizal Avenue.City mayor Isko Moreno led
Recently, Manila City released a statement highlighting the effectiveness of the Manila Traffic and Parking Management Bureau's (MTPB) no-contact apprehension program (NCAP). According to the local government unit, the system has helped reduce traffic violations in the city by 25%
They’re watching
Traffic violators, beware-especially if you're in Manila City.In case you're unaware, the Manila City government has had a no-contact apprehension traffic program (NCAP) in place since December 2020. The system is composed of 27 different cameras installed
Were any of you caught up in the recent floods?
The rains have been pouring damn hard these past several days mainly due to Habagat and partly because of Typhoon Fabian, leaving several areas around the Philippines-specifically, Metro Manila-submerged in floods.Taft Avenue in Manila City was one thoroughfare that
More of this, please
Cycling around Manila City can be as stressful as it is fulfilling. On one hand, you get to explore the old city and take in its sights and sounds on two wheels, but on the other hand, some areas are pretty chaotic
One of the city’s most recognizable landmarks
If you're someone who's ever commuted in and around Manila City, there's a very good chance you're familiar with the Manila Metropolitan Theater.The beautiful art deco structure is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks-at
Some important news for motorists
Manila mayor Isko Moreno is warning motorists as early as now: Expect bumpy roads in the city for the foreseeable future.Toward the end of a Summit Media Sandwich Session group interview held yesterday, the mayor called the attention of Top Gear
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