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Available in six- and eight-seater configurations
Just three months after the local debut of the Mazda CX-60, its bigger and more luxurious sibling is here: This is the first-ever Mazda CX-90.At 5,120mm long, 1,994mm wide, and 1,745mm tall, this is the
Now available in PH
A few days ago, we stumbled upon an interesting update over at the Mazda Philippines website. At the time, we noticed that the page for the Mazda 3 was under maintenance. That made us believe Mazda was going to bring in the
There’s a curious development on the website
Mazda Philippines seems to be on a model refresh spree. The company recently introduced the updated 2 with sharper styling and additional safety features. It was quickly followed up by (very) minor updates in the long-running CX-3.Just when you
New features, new price
It's not just the Mazda 2 that gets updated in the local lineup this year. Mazda Philippines also quietly rolled out the subtly improved CX-3 for the 2024 model year. There are equipment changes, along with the simplification of the
When Mazda released yet another facelifted version for the Mazda 2, it could be said there were some mixed reactions. That's largely because of the massive solid panel of body-colored trim slapped right on the grille. Mind you, it has
Yes, 2003 was 20 years ago
The early 2000s were a huge turning point for Mazda. Sure, it still made exciting cars like the MX-5 and RX-7 (and eventually, RX-8), but its regular passenger car lineup needed a bit more excitement. While models such as
It revived the lightweight roadster market
Is your birthday on September 1? Were you born in 1989? If so, then you have the same birthday as an automotive icon. The car in question is none other than the first-generation Mazda MX-5, the car that (almost) single
The midsize segment lives on
Just when you thought midsize cars will fade into the sunset, Mazda reminds us of why they have a special place in our hearts. The Japanese carmaker has just announced the Mazda 6 20th Anniversary Edition, to commemorate three generations and 20
A damn great leap forward
After decades of building some of the finest rear-wheel-drive sports cars on the planet, Mazda has finally applied that knowledge to building something other than a tiny, two-door Miata.Unfortunately, this isn't the long-awaited next-generation Mazda
It’s a busy year for Mazda
In an Apple-esque move, Mazda Philippines announced the arrival of the all-new CX-90 full-size SUV this year. At the launch of the CX-60, the vanguard of Mazda's new large SUV initiative, Mazda Philippines president and CEO
The most powerful road-going Mazda yet is now in our market
Mazda is so far holding true to its word of rolling out crossover upon crossover in the next few years or so. One of those was the CX-60, the most powerful road-going Mazda to date.Now, this punchy crossover has
The one-make sports car series is back for a second season
Mazda Philippines and the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) had a great outing last year when it hosted the inaugural MSCC Miata Spec Series, with a total of 20 drivers participating in multiple races across 2022. This year, the competition will be
It's no RX-7, that's for sure
Mazda is officially bringing the rotary engine back with this new MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV. Not exactly the catchiest name, we think you'll agree. Oh, and you can stop dreaming of RX-7s and the glorious 787B right away,
Not the first time the model has done this
Sports cars aren't purely just about performance. Reliability is a big consideration, too-more so if you actually plan on pushing your unit to its limit on a track. After all, no car is a fun car if it's constantly
Rotary revival...sort of
Mazda is practically synonymous with the rotary engine. Also known as thr Wankel engine, the folks from Hiroshima first used it in the '60s with the Cosmo sports car. Other car manufacturers dabbled with the quirky engine, namely Citroen, Chevrolet, NSU,
Yes, another one
A pangolin isn't exactly an animal you'd associate with the ruggedness of a pickup truck, but somehow, Mazda Philippines made it work with the release of the BT-50 Pangolin Edition.If you'll recall, the Pangolin Edition was built
One of the most desirable brands in PH
The Mazda Motor Corporation is known for iconic cars like the MX-5, a.k.a. the Miata, and the RX-7. Many of its vehicles are popular for their driver-centric performance and sleek designs. The company is also renowned for
Is this your favorite roadster, too?
The Mazda MX-5 isn't just a hit because of its performance and looks. Its affordability compared to other locally available drop-tops is a factor in its success, too.All this considered, it shouldn't come as any surprise that
Mazda fans should drop by
The Mazda MX-5 isn't meant solely for twisty mountain roads, you know-the thing is perfectly capable of holding its own on track as well.If you're someone who has yet to see the Mazda Miata pushed to its
Seems like only yesterday…
A decade isn't that long when we're talking about the grand scale of the auto industry. In that span, though, local Mazda distributor Bermaz Auto Philippines has contributed much to the country's roads-mostly in the form of some
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