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Courtesy of Pit26
Sensibly, American tuner Pit26 has kept the "powerful AMG performance intact" for its latest bespoke truck, which means there's no additional hike over the not-at-all regular G63's 577hp 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8.That might just be
This one comes with all the right trimmings
There's a new G-Class on the block, though this one will most likely be scaling said block. It's the new Mercedes-AMG G63 4x4², and this is your first look.Revealed via Merc's 'G-Class Private Lounge,' the
What a birthday present
You might call this a 2.5-ton, 577hp V8-powered anniversary present. You might also call it the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55, largely because that's exactly what it is.Yup, who's feeling old now? It's the year
That’s how you put all six wheels to good use
Overspec'd trucks with raised suspensions, extra wheels, and heavily tuned engines can feel a tad too excessive at times. But during natural calamities, these exotic machines can actually come in handy.Take a look at this Brabus G700 6x6-according to
Say hello to the HG 63, the most luxurious Merc you’ll see today
We've seen Hofele-Design's work on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class-pretty amazing stuff there. Now we're back with yet another Hofele special, and this time around, the German tuning marque has gone a bit further upmarket as it
Turbocharging is key
You don't need to have a comprehensive understanding of Greek mythology to know that Poseidon was an angry, powerful bloke. According to his LinkedIn, he's god of the sea, earthquakes, storms,, horses. But he's also considered one
For those who find a standard G63 a bit boring
The Mercedes-AMG G63 is far from a shrinking violet, but how does one go above and beyond the standard tuning fare to stand out from the crowd? Well, it turns out that one would need to give Toronto-based protectionists Inkas
And it made an interesting modification to the stepboard
One thing the Mercedes-AMG G63 doesn't lack is presence, but that hasn't stopped Stuttgart-based tuner Hofele-Design from glitzing it up a bit.Check out that new bodykit. The company says this G63, dubbed Hofele HG Sport, includes
That looks exhausting
Quick question for you: How many side-exit exhaust pipes is too many side-exit exhaust pipes? We ask because German tuner Lumma has revealed a raft of modifications for the Mercedes-AMG G63.Of which one is-good guess!-a lot
Meet the Black Ops and the Shadow.
Brabus. Remember them? The well-known anglers of horsepower from Germany with more than an unhealthy penchant for Mercedes? The tuning outfit obviously doesn't think the new G63 quite pushes the boundaries of military chic far enough. Or that the 4.
An icon made even better
A Mercedes-Benz G500 already has 447hp?Yes.So what the blazes does a G63 produce?Thanks to the same 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8, albeit with the wick doused in napalm, you get 577hp and 849Nm. The engine is effectively
Packs the same power as an AMG GT R
This is the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class you've been waiting for. The all-new, 21st Century G-Class subjected to the maniacal desires of AMG. It's the new G63, people. And it's very, very brawny.Under its hood
These are new 'Exclusive Edition' specials
The Mercedes-AMG G Wagen lives on. AMG has added a new range-topper to its, um, range-topping G63 and G65. Both are now available in the high-end Exclusive Edition, which we have detailed for you below. Sadly, none of
Then again that shouldn't come as a surprise
What's special about this Mercedes G63 AMG?Coining Merc's current naming structure, it's a Mercedes-AMG G63 4Matic Color Edition. Big name, but then it's a big car, too.The cost is no smaller, either. G-Wagen prices
In a retina-searing paint job
Can anyone remember how exactly the Mercedes G-Wagen became the darling of the aftermarket tuning scene? It's difficult to comprehend a vehicle less suitable for mega-power mods than a four-decade-old, ex-military, body-on-frame off-roader
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