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But Tesla has made a huge jump in this year’s list, moving 26 places up
The best luxury sedan in the market?
The wait is over. Auto Nation Group, the country's official Mercedes-Benz distributor, has launched the all-new S-Class in the Philippines. The luxury sedan with all the bells and whistles carries a P17,890,000 price tag, but for
All the headroom in the world
Question: What's the biggest problem with the new G-Wagen?If you're anything like us, it'll be that Mercedes-Benz insists on calling the thing a G-Class, as if it's just another class of vehicle in its
Truly built for off-roading
Better. It's the best version of the best off-roader there is.Okay, it all depends on how you approach these things. But every time I get in a G-Wagen (I still can't get the hang of calling it
The industry is definitely going electric
Last week, Munich played host to its first major motor show since COVID-19 hit. And from what we saw, the realization that there's been a big gear change in the industry was incredibly apparent.To give it its official 'IAA
It’s not the shape of things to come
You'd struggle to place a single box on the new Mercedes-Benz EQS, let alone three. Now we're in the era of 'Electrify All the Things,' the humble sedan-a staple of the motoring world for decades-appears to be
Nil to 100kph takes just 3.8sc
AMG describes this EQS 53 4Matic+ as its first-ever battery-electric production model. Merc SLS AMG Electric Drive, anyone? Well, they only made nine of those experimental supercars in the end, and you'll be pleased to know that this EQS
At least when it comes to looks
The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen's design isn't just one of the most timeless in the industry-it's also one of the toughest. There's a reason the German brand has hardly messed with the look since the SUV first
The EQS SUV’s grille, according to the carmaker, is ‘progressive’
This isn't the first-ever fully-electric Maybach production car, but it's really, really not far off. It's called the Mercedes-Maybach EQS, and it's a "near-production" one-off that spears Maybach's zero-emission future off
Want an e-powered replacement for your E-Class? Look this way
Here's the Mercedes-Benz EQE: You know the drill. Just as the bigger EQS is a fish-slippery luxo-sedan with all the high-end decadence of an S-Class, so the EQE is an electric car of roughly E-Class
The brand promises it will be as capable as its combustion-engined version
Good grief. As Mercedes-Benz advances toward its declared goal of 'electric-only,' even the most unlikely candidates are being shifted to battery power. Welcome to the EQG-here at the Munich motor show as a concept, but coming very soon as
Your move, Porsche Panamera
Good grief, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the long-awaited plug-in hybrid version of the Porsche Panamera-rivaling AMG GT 4-door, and the figures are beyond ridiculous.To give it its full name, this is the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S
Easily one of the poshest sedans in the market
Earlier this year, the country's elite readied their wallets after local Mercedes-Benz distributor Auto Nation Group (ANG) opened reservations for the updated S-Class. If you're someone who's been eagerly waiting on this, you won't have to
Not a lot of people expected these things to become racing machines
Driver Ricky Rydell had literally no idea Volvo wanted to stuff a square into a circle-shaped hole. "When I signed up for Volvo and TWR around Christmas 1993, I didn't know about the estate plans," he said. "If I'
No one expected a portly sedan to conquer the 1971 Spa 24 Hours
On a Saturday afternoon 50 years ago in Belgium, a big red four-door sedan sat on a starting line nestled amongst lightweight, full-bore touring cars. And it was mocked. Mocked enough to earn it a rather unflattering nickname. 'Red Pig',
To celebrate 50 years of AMG
Welcome back, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG-we've missed you. This lovely customer racing V8 GT3 racing car is a one-off, built by AMG to celebrate 50 years since the equally lovely 300 SEL claimed a class victory in the 1971
The S680 Guard offers VR10 protection, or in other words, maximum defense
If you're reading this with the intention of buying a new armored limo, may we suggest you think about your life choices for a second?Not that we meant to tell you how you should live your life, but if you
There will also be electric Benzes in every segment as early as next year
It's almost not really news any more when a car company announces "we're going all-electric." Ford, Jaguar-even Lotus-have all made such declarations lately. We know that's the direction the industry is banking on. But this is
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