The interior gets significant aesthetic upgrades
GAC Motor has been a bit busy this month. After introducing the GN8 Master's Edition a few weeks back, the carmaker has now launched the 2022 GS8.The new arrival isn't the next-generation model we saw back in September.
The pick of the MU-X range?
With the all-new D-Max debuting early this year, it was only a matter of time before the MU-X followed. And follow it did. But while there's a lot of hype for the top-of-the-line LS-E
Does it offer value for the money?
SsangYong is a brand that has not had the best reputation in the Philippines. From a multitude of different groups handling the brands, to questionable 2000's styling, the Korean brand's reputation took hit after hit in the eyes of the
Should other Japanese brands be scared?
If you've been paying attention to the local auto industry for the past couple of months, it should be apparent to you that the country's midsize-SUV battle is once again heating up.For this round, Isuzu Philippines has brought
Can the all-new Isuzu now compete with other midsize SUVs in its segment?
It's only been a few weeks since our last spec-sheet comparo, but we're already back with another one. And this time, we have four midsize SUVs to pit against each other-including the all-new Isuzu MU-X.We'
The midsize SUV now becomes the most expensive offering in its segment
A lot of Isuzu fans must be smiling from ear to ear right now, as Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has finally launched the all-new MU-X.However, there might be something about the new model that could be off-putting for
It’s ready to shake up the segment yet again
Isuzu Philippines (IPC) shook up the midsize-SUV segment in 2014 when it finally brought in the MU-X. While it was a long-overdue introduction, the long wait made Isuzu fans and loyalists all the more eager to get their hands
This all-new midsize SUV is ready to shake up the segment yet again
It was a long wait, but in 2020, the next-generation Isuzu MU-X finally had its global debut. Now, merely a year after that, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) launches the all-new model in our market.The latest Isuzu MU-X
We go further up the range this time around
Last time, we pit the base variant of the refreshed Nissan Terra against two other giants from the midsize SUV segment: the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. For this spec-sheet comparo, we're going with the top-of-the-
No complaints here
You bet it is. The face makes it very apparent, though it's a lot less obvious if you're simply viewing this midsize SUV from the sides (though it does get stylish new wheels). Still, this is a considerably substantial refresh-
The midsize SUV will be getting new amenities and added safety tech
Not to be outdone by the new Nissan Terra-as well as the upcoming all-new Isuzu MU-X-the Toyota Fortuner is also set to get updates this month.According to a trusted source, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is adding nifty
Which entry-level midsize SUV is the best package?
The midsize-SUV segment is definitely heating up. Nissan Philippines has just launched the refreshed Terra in our market, and it's set to take on facelifted rivals like the Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Montero Sport.While we do have our first
Nissan has finally launched the refreshed version of its popular midsize SUV
Nissan turned heads with the refreshed Terra when it was unveiled in the Middle East back in November 2020. Now, almost a year later, the updated model finally lands in our market with its bold styling and upgraded tech.However, the new
Added style without the Gazoo Racing touch
It's been GR Sport this and GR Sport that for the Toyota Fortuner these past few weeks. The carmaker has also been launching Gazoo Racing models for the rest of the lineup in various markets across the region, and we reckon
But this time, it’s the top-spec LTD variant that’s been given the works
Less than 24 hours after pulling the wraps off the new Hilux GR Sport, Toyota Motor Thailand has now unveiled the new Fortuner GR Sport. You can forget about that other Fortuner GR Sport in Indonesia because this one seems to be
Only a matter of time now
Are you still holding out on buying a brand-new SUV hoping the Nissan Terra will launch soon? Just sit tight because it's only a matter of time before the refreshed midsize SUV is introduced locally. Need more motivation? The updated
Is a PH launch coming soon?
Car buyers over in Thailand will be the first in the region to get hold of the refreshed Nissan Terra. The launch comes after the Japanese carmaker officially introduced its updated midsize SUV to the Thai market on August 19.Over there,
Fewer seats at a lower price
For our readers who own seven-seater SUVs, here's a question for you: How often do you use all seven seats in your vehicle? Or more important, do you even use those third-row seats at all?Chances are, there are
This, or the all-new MU-X?
It appears we might have another midsize SUV battle on our hands: The all-new Isuzu MU-X versus the refreshed Nissan Terra.Nissan Philippines has released teasers for its updated nameplate, indicating that a local release might be imminent. Now, the
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