The variant will be available in New Zealand with a 3.0-liter diesel V6
The Ranger and the Everest share a lot of things-the Wildtrak variant isn't one of them. At least until now, that is.Ford has now launched the new and first-ever Everest Wildtrak in New Zealand. Like its pickup sibling,
The brand’s flagship SUV gets a makeover
It's looking like a great start to the year for Astara and its newest brand, GAC Motor Philippines. Alongside the launch of the new Empow compact sedan, the carmaker has also unveiled the all-new GS8.This next-generation midsize SUV
Another one
It isn't just the Toyota Wigo that's received a price increase recently. Over at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC), the Montero Sport midsize SUV has received one as well.If you visit the official MMPC price list, you'll notice that
Is this a good thing?
The next-generation midsize SUV wars have yet to begin, but Mitsubishi is already giving the industry hints as to what it plans to do with the Montero Sport.According to a report by Australia's, the Japanese carmaker
We find out in this Big Test
We like comparing cars here at Top Gear Philippines. Comparos give us a better look at just how a particular model fares side by side with its direct competitor. Or in this case, multiple competitors.We recently took out the all-new
How do you like this kit on Toyota’s top-spec midsize SUV?
Modellista has done it yet again-it's managed to make another Toyota look beefier than it should with a new bodykit. The subject this time? The ever-popular Fortuner.This is a bit different from the other Modellista kit we saw
One of the most common reasons why people buy midsize SUVs is to be able to cross flooded roads in Metro Manila. This Toyota Fortuner GR-S, though, looks more like it was built to push cars stranded in flood out of
That new Glacier Blue Mica finish looks neat
Would you look at that? The current-gen MU-X is already turning two this month. Time really does fly. For the midsize SUV's second birthday, Isuzu has decided to give it some minor aesthetic tweaks.Up front, the MU-X
And the most improved SUV award goes to...
Kia's global lineup has continued to grow more and more exciting over the past few years. The Korean carmaker has completely revamped its lineup with a handful of next-generation models sporting the brand's new design language.Towards the end
Worth the asking price?
Ralliart is back in the Philippines. Well, sort of.As we reported earlier, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) has brought in Ralliart variants of the Strada and Montero Sport midsize SUV. But again, these aren't souped-up versions of the vehicle, but
Five stars for both models
Ford's latest offerings aren't just tough off the beaten path. If the results from the latest round of Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) are anything to go by, they're reliable when things take a turn a turn for
It was inevitable...but still awesome
Yes, we are still salty about the fact Ford won't bring the brilliant Bronco outside North America. And no, these fantastically retro Heritage Editions are not helping with that one bit.These Heritage Editions pay tribute to the original, first-generation
Attention southerners
We're willing to bet that many of you made your minds up to buy the all-new Ford Ranger or Everest even prior to the two vehicles' local introduction. Understandable, considering the hype surrounding their launch.May we make a suggestion,
Gas station trauma will be a thing of the past
Over the years, bidets have become relatively commonplace inside coffee shop and restaurant bathrooms. Gas stations, though? In most cases, a trusty tabo is the best you're going to get.It's a damn shame if we're being honest, and
This and the LTD are now the only trim levels available in that market
Do you dig the top-spec Toyota Fortuner's look with that aggressive-looking front fascia? If you do, then consider yourself lucky-this might be the only Fortuner face we'll be seeing in our market soon.In Thailand, Toyota has
The new king of midsize SUVs?
Even weeks before its launch, the all-new Ford Ranger was spotted on car carriers and dealerships. However, the Everest was largely spared from all that, making our first look at it a bit more special. Given how good the outgoing model
Both models come with a five-year or 150,000km warranty, whichever comes first
The long wait is over, people. Ford Philippines has officially launched the all-new Ranger and all-new Everest in our market.Both of these models pack a standard 2.0-liter turbodiesel that generates 168hp and 405Nm of torque. Top-spec
Which model are you siding with?
For the most part, the majority of the midsize SUVs you see out on the road will never stray off the beaten path. Those SUVs are relegated to picking the kids up from school and the occasional out-of-town adventure. Such
We don't know if it's just the previous generation's age, but the current version of the Isuzu MU-X looks way better than its predecessor.It's sleeker, more polished, and carries a more premium vibe, too. This isn'
There are plenty of variants to choose from
Those of you who've been saving up to buy an all-new Ford Ranger or Everest, listen up. Ford Philippines has announced the official local prices and variants of the two models, and there are a lot for you to choose
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