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More practicality and speed still to come from Volkswagen's new electric van
One can dream, right?
It could be said that the Nissan Kicks e-Power is one of the most significant models to come out here this year. Not only does it serve as Nissan's baby crossover in the local lineup, it's been making a
Should it make a comeback here?
The Nissan Serena may be a van that many don't remember, but it's still a popular nameplate in Japan and our neighboring countries. And with more people looking at seven-seaters these days, we're wondering if
Should the Alphard watch out?
Geely's upmarket Chinese brand Zeekr has announced its second model after the 001 shooting brake-coupe-SUV thing, and this latest one is even more striking.Internet, meet the 009-an all-electric luxury minivan that's based on the same
These have been popping up for sale once in a while lately
The Philippines is no stranger to unusual cars being sold locally. Whether it's a grey import luxury car or surplus models from Japan, it's what makes car spotting in the country that bit more interesting. Recently, we'
The thing sounds glorious
Suzuki's quirky little machines make for good canvases for wild-looking custom builds. Remember Holy Shift's 'Gymni' from a while back? We're talking about something like that.This latest one that's making the rounds on cyberspace, though, could
This isn’t just for soccer moms
You know what? You can think minivans are uncool. We're perfectly okay with that-we'll just take our seven seats, spacious interior, and feature-filled cabin someplace else. And no, you can't hitch a ride with us.Frankly, with
Who said vans can't be cool?
When it comes to vans, nobody really buys one because it's the cool thing to do. For the most part, people buy them for practical purposes, and not much else. But just because vans are built for purpose, it doesn&#
Toyota celebrates the occasion by launching a limited-edition Sienna in the US
The Hiace-that's the only mass-market people-hauler Toyota has in its local lineup. While we understand the van's sheer popularity here in our market, we still wish we had more options. Having more minivans, for example, would be
Can minivans truly be sporty, though?
Minivans have come a long way since their humble days as pure family haulers. They're getting more and more luxurious now, and some are even shifting their designs to look more like SUVs.Sporty, though? That might still be a stretch.
A sad day for minivan lovers
Local buyers who consider the minivan a staple in the family garage will now have one less option to choose from.Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has announced that it has discontinued the Odyssey in the Philippine market due to the closure of
Tara, road trip?
The freedom we enjoyed before a certain virus ravaged the globe feels so long ago now that we can view it with rose-tinted nostalgia. Two years ago, the world felt like a desert with endless oases just a drive or plane
In the market for a minivan?
If you're talking family vehicles, usually the first couple of models to come to mind-at least in the Philippine market-are midsize SUVs or large vans like the Toyota Hiace. That's fine, considering those are two of the most
Looking for a minivan?
Those of you searching for a brand-new ride that can fit the whole family might want to hold off for a bit longer, as Kia Philippines has finally revealed the local launch date of the all-new Carnival.The South Korean
For when you can’t splurge on an Alphard
As far as rides with seven or more seats go, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has one of the most extensive lineups in the local market. It would still be neat, though, if the company could fill the niche between an MPV like
Are you digging the burly new appearance?
As far as minivans go, the Kia Carnival has long been one of the most well-rounded packages in the segment. Its practical configuration and stylish appearance made it a sensible choice, and the South Korean car manufacturer built further upon this
We’ll take this over a crossover
Honda has unveiled the all-new sixth-generation Step WGN in Japan, and the campaign for it to be exported across the globe starts right here. Yeah, it'll probably never happen, but the least we can do is give it a
Do you dig the premium minivan’s stylish new look?
GAC Motor is updating its roster with a new premium offering: the GN8 Master's Edition.This is basically the GN8-the budget-friendly GN6's older and more luxurious sibling-only it's wearing a burly new bodykit. There's an
Because goodness, look at the interior
Lamborghini has the Urus. Aston Martin has the DBX. Ferrari reportedly has an SUV in the works. How will Porsche truly stand out in the super-SUV battle, then? Will newer and even better Macans or Cayennes do the trick?If it
The carmaker has released teaser images
The Honda Odyssey, Kia Carnival, and Toyota Alphard-it seems like every memorable minvan in the Philippine market has been around for ages already. Hyundai, though, could make things a bit more interesting if it decides to bring in the Custo.The
It comes with foot massagers!
When someone brings up 'luxury' minivans around these parts, only a few names really immediately come to mind. Obviously, there's the Toyota Alphard and, more recently, its higher-end cousin from Lexus, the LM. Now, the Kia Carnival is bringing itself
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