It’s finally here
We have some good news for those of you who've held back on buying the all-new Mitsubishi Xpander to wait for its beefier sibling: The 2023 Xpander Cross is now available locally.With this, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) is giving
Guess who leads the pack
In case you missed it, the year-end sales tally from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) is in. Things are looking good for the local auto industry, with member brands having sold a total of 352,596 units
Another one
It isn't just the Toyota Wigo that's received a price increase recently. Over at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC), the Montero Sport midsize SUV has received one as well.If you visit the official MMPC price list, you'll notice that
Look out, Veloz and BR-V
We were spoiled for choice when it came to small seven-seater launches in 2022. We saw the arrival of the new-generation Toyota Veloz and Honda BR-V, the first-ever Hyundai Stargazer, and the updated Mitsubishi Xpander. But Mitsubishi says
What’s your budget?
First thing first: We're not using 'cheap' as a derogatory term here. We're referring to these cars' price tags. Got it?With that out of the way, you're in the right place if you're shopping for a brand-
Here are solid secondhand cars with strong resale value
When it comes to resale value, most folks will mention Toyota as an automaker that generally resists depreciation. We won't blame them for that, especially given the brand's reputation for reliability and dependability. But that doesn't mean Toyota is
Congratulations on the milestone
Thailand has long served as the Southeast Asian manufacturing hub for international carmakers. If you drive a Japanese pickup or midsize SUV it was probably sourced from the Land of Smiles.Frankly, as far as mass-market offerings are concerned, none of
Is this a good thing?
The next-generation midsize SUV wars have yet to begin, but Mitsubishi is already giving the industry hints as to what it plans to do with the Montero Sport.According to a report by Australia's, the Japanese carmaker
The Japanese carmaker found the right formula for success
There are sleepy towns, but a place like Buriram can have you dozing off with the ferocity of a mid-afternoon caffeine crash. The quaint locale, situated in northeast Thailand, is home to 25,000 citizens who mill about between low-rise
We find out in this Big Test
We like comparing cars here at Top Gear Philippines. Comparos give us a better look at just how a particular model fares side by side with its direct competitor. Or in this case, multiple competitors.We recently took out the all-new
The comeback is real
Mitsubishi returns to its rally roots in a big way. This past weekend, Team Mitsubishi Ralliart finished first overall at the Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR). The race ran from November 21 to 26 and stretched a total of 1,524km between
That silver exterior looks stunning
Another rare Mitsubishi Pajero Evo has hit the auction block. This time, it's this stunning unit in Satellite Silver with 209,000km on the odometer.Right now, the current highest bid for the unit on sits at a cool $
Good luck, guys!
Endurance racing is no joke. The slightest misstep can make or break a vehicle's standing-and we're not just talking about a driver's performance behind the wheel, either.How an endurance racer performs also depends largely on the building
In case the stock look isn’t enough
The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is easily one of the country's most recognizable sedans. That said, its design isn't one we'd consider too sporty-even with the new Dynamic Shield grille designers slapped onto the face for the refresh.Mitsubishi
That’s one tough-looking kei car
You kind of need to throw away the idea of size-or a generous amount of it, rather-when you're talking kei cars. The entire point of the segment is to keep things practical by minimizing a unit's floor space,
Our staff member tries one to find out
Okay, so Mitsubishi's new Ralliart Edition releases aren't exactly what fans were expecting. Still, we're glad to see the name back in the local market. Even if it is just in the form of this dressed-up Strada.The
It's X, okay? Not K.
It's not just the MPV market that's buzzing with activity right now. The mini crossover market is making quite a bit of noise too. It all started with Toyota with the Raize, and Honda with the yet-to-be named
The used car market abroad looks quite fun
Cars, in our experience, Are only ever a few months (or indeed miles) from needing some great stack of money spent on them. With, of course, a few exceptions: electric cars don't seem to need much on a month-to-month
We drive them both to find out
If you can already afford a ride with more real estate than your average starter hatch, there's a good chance you already have (or are considering starting) a family of your own. Choosing your next ride isn't just a matter
We’d pull the trigger if we could
Move over, Toyota Land Cruiser. Our auction fanatics appear to have found a new favorite-at least for now.This section's new flavor of the month? It's the Mitsubishi Pajero. A handful of desirable units have surfaced on the online
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