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And to the low-riding Hilux GR Sport model
As much as many of us here love to see dressed-up Toyotas, we know the flurry of Gazoo Racing Sport models over the past few weeks may have garnered mixed reactions from a lot of people. The low-riding Hilux in
Added style without the Gazoo Racing touch
It's been GR Sport this and GR Sport that for the Toyota Fortuner these past few weeks. The carmaker has also been launching Gazoo Racing models for the rest of the lineup in various markets across the region, and we reckon
Expect more of these to pop out as the SUV settles in
As with most new releases, you don't need to wait long for someone to come up with visual enhancements or aftermarket packages after a reveal. This one by Modellista for the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser comes less than two months
Or would you prefer a classier one fitted in Modellista parts?
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