From the current 350,000 daily ridership
Those long snaking lines around MRT-3 stations might soon be much shorter. The DOTr has just announced that it is increasing the trains on the MRT-3 from a three-train setup to a four-train setup. This will significantly increase
Who should be held liable?
Talk about a bad day. Commuter Allana Columbres has gone viral due to her recent experience at an MRT-3 station. According to an interview with ABS-CBN's Jacque Manabat, Columbres' laptop was damaged while going through the x-ray machine
For annual maintenance services and repairs
The Holy Week is still relatively far away, but two of the Metro's railway services are posting advisories as early as now. The MRT-3 (Metro Rail Transit - Line 3), LRT-1 (Light Rail Transit - Line 1), and LRT-2 (Light
Refrain from buying from these unauthorized resellers, commuters
There's been a shortage of Beep cards for a while now. If you ride any of Metro Manila's trains regularly, then that's not news to you.What may come as a surprise to some of you, though, is that
The agency is only considering partnerships with operators
The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is making it clear: No, the MRT-3 is not going up for sale.In a recent statement, the agency stressed that the government is not looking to sell the major rail line to the private sector.
You can apply for an extension 90 days before or after the original expiry date
Did you know you can extend the validity of your Beep card for one more year before it expires? I used to be a regular commuter and yet I didn't know about this, so I'm guessing this could be news
For when face-to-face classes finally return
The return of face-to-face (F2F) classes is right around the corner. As such, students are starting to move in (or back) to Metro Manila as they prepare to go back to school.We're sure a huge percentage of these
Do you agree?
Have you felt any significant improvements to the MRT-3 line after the completion of the Rehabilitation Project?Department of Transportation (DOTr) secretary Jaime Bautista, who recently took over the post, conducted a surprise inspection of the MRT-3 on July 4,
The company reiterates its commitment to leading nation-building
In terms of infrastructure projects, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) currently has a lot going for it right now. We mean a lot.There's the MRT-7 project, which has seen significant progress over the past few months. There's also the
The DOTr recently pointed out the statistic
How has your experience with the MRT-3 been as of late? If things have been smooth-sailing over the past few months or so, then lucky you. Other commuters aren't always as fortunate as you are.In any case, despite
But there were supposedly no long queues inside the concourse area
Anybody here who got stuck in the massive passenger buildup at the Ortigas Avenue Station yesterday? If you're looking for an explanation, well, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has one.In a statement, the agency said that the heavy foot traffic
The facility will be able to accommodate up to 150 train cars in total
Things may have been a bit quiet regarding the construction of the MRT-7, but it appears San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is making significant progress with the massive railway project.SMC has now announced that it has begun building the new MRT-
Commuters, rejoice
We have some good news for commuters this week: In a recent press conference, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced that the free MRT-3 rides has been extended.The program, which was originally supposed to end on May 30, has now
Were you one of the commuters who enjoyed the free train rides?
It's a good thing the Department of Transportation (DOTr) decided to extend the MRT-3's Libreng Sakay program, because it appears a lot of commuters get to benefit from it.According to the agency, in the first month of the
The rail line also recorded its highest ridership on April 1
It looks like things have been going quite well following the inauguration of the MRT-3 Rehabilitation Project and the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) launch of its Libreng Sakay program.According to the DOTr, the MRT-3 served a total of
To help frontliners communicate with speech- and hearing-impaired passengers
The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has begun a new initiative that will make commuting a bit easier for passengers with speech and hearing impairments.The agency has now shared that selected frontliners from the MRT-3 and LRT-2 lines and the
The rides are available only until April 30, 2022
In light of the completion of the MRT-3 Rehabilitation Project, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is offering free MRT-3 rides until April 30, 2022. Naturally, some commuters are asking online about how they can avail of these complimentary rides.Well,
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