It was an “all-terrain vehicle with cargo space,” Nissan said
Well, this is the versatile 1987 Nissan Judo concept, which took a chop to the motor show-going public's hearts in Tokyo of that same year. Apparently, no one told Nissan that judo means 'the way of gentleness,' because this car
Baby steps
Never mind the quietness or environmentally sound underpinnings. About 15 minutes ago, I was in the middle of a busy Shaw Boulevard suddenly slowing down to a lurch every time I lifted off the accelerator-the intended effect of the E-Pedal,
Powertrain options include the e-Power hybrid setup first seen on the Note
This is it-the all-new, third-generation Nissan Qashqai unmasked for the very first time. Striking, isn't it? Nissan says it's more "muscular, sharp and modern" than before. We just can't get over how many creases there are.
The brand says it’s open to the idea, though
Earlier this year, reports surfaced linking Hyundai to Apple's mysterious autonomous car project. Now, Nissan is supposedly in the mix as well.Not so fast, the Japanese carmaker says.According to a report by Reuters, Nissan has denied reports that it
That aggressive-looking design packs 226hp under the hood
Bless the Internet, because we've come across yet another interesting build in the realm of YouTube. This is a heavily modded Nissan NP300 Navara from Malaysia that was recently featured on the Galeri Kereta channel, and it could easily be the
If you had to pick, which midsize SUV would you get?
Nissan Philippines recently announced some slight updates for the Terra this year. It's still not the big-time refresh we're waiting for, but it now makes the PH-spec Terra a new model that can go head-to-head against
COVID has affected supply chains
The automotive industry's sales situation during the pandemic is more complicated than it looks. For example, a drop in sales isn't as simple as uncertain buyers or less spending power. You have supply chains to take into account, too, and
The changes in aesthetic are drastic
Remember back when you'd have to explain that the Navara and the Frontier were essentially the same truck, except they weren't? Basically, it all depended on the market, but it was easy for people to get lost on account of
A good mix of both
The Frontier isn't the only Nissan to get an overhaul today. The Japanese carmaker also revealed the all-new Pathfinder, and boy does it look impressive.Nissan has dropped the previous-generation model's slightly curvy physique and instead turned this
That’s one badass-looking truck
It's here, ladies and gents. As promised, Nissan has officially pulled the wraps off the all-new Frontier. After more than a decade, the truck is finally getting the overhaul it deserves.The next-generation Frontier has this rugged new look,
This is definitely good news
It turns out that Filipinos are more interested in electric vehicles (EV) than we might think.A new Nissan-commissioned study published by Frost & Sullivan shows that a majority of Southeast Asians (64%) are now more willing to consider buying an electric
Nissan has released this special edition model to celebrate the EV’s anniversary
The Nissan Leaf is already a decade old. And to celebrate, Nissan has introduced the new Leaf10, a special edition version of the world's best-selling EV."Since Leaf launched in 2010, Nissan has continued to evolve its EV technology, connected
These next-generation models are set to be unveiled in a few days
We've seen a handful of new Nissans revealed last year as part of the 'Nissan Next' campaign. There's the new X-Terra, the new Navara, and of course, the new Z Proto. The list of new cars just keeps growing,
It wants to fully electrify its lineup to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
Thanks to the Leaf, Nissan has enabled people around the world to drive more than 14.8 billion 'clean-air' kilometers over the popular EV's first decade of existence.But the Japanese carmaker has its eyes set on bigger goals though,
Are you a fan of gloss black?
Those of you who are set on purchasing a midsize SUV in 2021 might want to check out the Nissan Terra because the Japanese manufacturer has given its VL variant a mild refresh.Potential buyers who have always thought the Terra would
Using a new ‘closed-loop’ recycling system
Automakers have continued to ramp up their sustainability efforts as the years pass, and it's definitely been a welcome sight. Nissan, for its part, is taking an innovative approach to recycling parts for car production.The Japanese carmaker has revealed that
The industry takes yet another hit
The local car manufacturing industry has taken another hit today, as Nissan has announced that it will be ceasing its assembly operations in Santa Rosa, Laguna in March 2021. This news comes following the expiration of Nissan Philippines' (NPI) contract with Univation
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