Plus a bunch of other goodies
If you liked Nissan's sleek new logo, then chances are you'll like the carmaker's new brand merch, too. Nissan just dropped its newest collections, and we've already gone ahead and added these to our Christmas wishlists.The first
How does its style compare to the last one?
Here it is, the new Nissan Terra. The refreshed midsize SUV has just been unveiled in the Middle East as the X-Terra, and frankly, this is about as substantial as refreshes come.If you look at this vehicle from either the
Like it?
The new Nissan Terra is about to break cover with what will likely be a new face, a redesigned rear, and a revamped interior. This isn't stopping the Japanese carmaker from releasing a considerably more subtle update for the Thai market,
The carmaker has just revealed the third-generation model in Japan
Nissan's best-selling vehicle in Japan, the Note, has just received an overhaul, and the carmaker has just revealed the all-new model via an online launch. Let's not beat around the bush and go straight to taking a closer
With help from a Detroit-based startup
Tesla, Rivian, Nikola and...Nissan? If talks between the Japanese car manufacturer and Detroit-based startup Hercules Electric Vehicles prove fruitful, the brand might one day be unveiling an electric pickup truck of its own, too.According to a report by Bloomberg,
The midsize SUV will be unveiled soon
Boy, has Nissan been keeping the industry busy the past few weeks. First, it was the Z Proto, and not long after that, the Japanese carmaker pulled the wraps off the refreshed Navara. Now, we're all waiting eagerly for its next
What a tease
Care to take a guess as to what vehicle this is? We'll give you a hint: It's spelled T-E-R-R-A.Alright, Nissan doesn't exactly specify what model it's teasing, and the Japanese carmaker hasn't
Is this a car fit for our market?
Nissan just keeps upgrading its lineup in other markets. There's the refreshed Navara, the new Kicks e-Power, and the all-new Qashqai. Now, it has introduced yet another updated model: the Micra.This is the fifth-generation model of Nissan'
Is the Alliance in danger?
The Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan Alliance might no longer be as solid a partnership as once thought.According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Nissan is currently looking into reducing its 34% stake in fellow Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi-a move that could reverberate
Is there a place for this crossover in our market?
Welcome Internet, to the brand-new Nissan Qashqai. Woah, don't get too excited there.The third generation of Nissan's crossover will arrive in Spring 2021 (between March and April), replacing the ridiculously popular second-gen which has sold over one
It sounds glorious
We know you've seen the Nissan 350Z countless times before. What you probably haven't seen yet, though, is this hybrid 350Z that's an absolute beast of a sports car. It packs a 4.2-liter naturally aspirated VQ engine
It’s got a spacious cabin that could be turned into a mobile home
For some reason, Nissan just loves to dress up its NV350 Urvan in Japan. A while back, we saw the 'Multi-Bed' feature introduced for the popular people-hauler. Now, we get this: the NV350 Premium GX Black Gear.Think Navara N-
Who else is hyped?
They say you shouldn't count your chickens before your eggs hatch. By that logic, ruminating over what will or will not arrive in our market is a pointless exercise that could lead to disappointment. But we're glass-half-full types
It was penned by Marcello Gandini
Hold your horses-you might want to read the small print first. This is the Nissan AP-X concept, revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1993 and designed with the intention 'to combine pleasure with responsibility,' which sounds somewhat mutually exclusive
Do you have any road trips planned ahead?
The Department of Tourism (DOT) wants you to know that safe and responsible local travel is possible during a pandemic, and Nissan Philippines (NPI) is helping the agency pave a path towards normalcy once more.The Japanese carmaker and the DOT have
We’re very excited
We knew this truck was going to look tough. But damn, we didn't expect that it would look this good.Nissan has pulled the wraps off the refreshed Navara, and it's easily one of, if not the, most handsome pickup
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