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The man had good taste in cars
As you'd imagine from the man who played cop-turned-street-racer-turned-cop-turned-street-racer Brian O'Conner, the late Paul Walker kept a fantastic personal collection of vehicles. Now, six years after his tragic death, a group of
It's basically a modern classic
The Nissan 370Z is old. Really old. In sports car terms, it's prehistoric. The 370Z was revealed way back in 2008-11 years ago, history fans-and was basically a thorough update and restyle of the 350Z sports car. Which dated
Nissans look good in orange
This isn't a car, so much as it is a moving set of aftermarket pieces designed to show Nissan 370Z owners just how wild you can get. Welcome to Project Clubsport 23.Of course, Nissan 370Z owners need no further explanation
We do the math
Lately, Nissan Philippines has been living by the words "better late than never." First with the Juke, then with the GT-R, the Japanese carmaker has been bringing into our country models that have been in the world market for some time.
Say it isn't so?
It's no surprise for a carmaker to confirm more and more of its products will be electrified, but it's no less intriguing to hear it, not least when it involves sports cars. One of Nissan's marketing bosses, Jean-Pierre
We're still pining for this beauty
Even with its late arrival here in our market, the Nissan GT-R still lit up the Philippine motoring scene with its official presence. There's added cachet knowing that a carmaker is confident enough to bring in a desired model.
An old car with that 'it' factor
As an entirely fictional but eminently wise young man once professed, life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Problem for the Nissan 370Z is, life has moved really fast,
The 'Snow Patrol' looks fun, too
Yes, we know it doesn't snow here in the Philippines. But that doesn't make what Nissan's done to its cars here any less awesome. The two vehicles you see before you are the extreme, 'winterized' versions of the 370Z
Sadly, still not for us
Nissan has refreshed its 370Z sports car for 2018. Yeah, it's another blink-and-you'll-miss-it type affair.Most changes are aesthetic, such as blacked-out door handles and a new rear bumper. There are also tinted headlights and
Watch 5 entertaining videos
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Russian biker puts violent Lexus owner in his place. Bikers, this is proof that it pays to own a helmet-mounted camera. You never
These guys sure know how to burn rubber
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. There's little doubt that Ken Block and the rest of the boys over at Hoonigan know how to work a vehicle. They can
Check it out
From Nissan's Instagram account; follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram
Check it out
From Nissan's Instagram account. Follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram.
Do you like how it looks?
For the latest cosmetic makeover of the Nissan 370Z Nismo, its designers found inspiration in its big brother, the GT-R. The result is that the latest 370Z NIsmo now features "functional and fully integrated aerodynamic body pieces" inspired by the GT-
Guess which one wins
Nissan has unveiled the first of a series of short films showcasing Nissan Motorsport\'s \"cutting-edge technology and spirit of excitement\" behind its road cars and drivers.The video pits a 370Z Nismo driven by Germany\'s 2012 Nissan GT Academy
Now producing Nismo-branded road cars for the public
Nismo, Nissan's high-performance road car and motorsport brand, is entering a new era with the opening of its global headquarters and development center in Yokohama, Japan. (Nismo, of course, is short for Nissan Motorsport Ltd.)"Nismo will bring new excitement
We ask Pinoy car designer Randy Rodriguez
The Nissan 370Z is currently Nissan's most affordable sports car, but it isn't necessarily the Japanese carmaker's entry-level sports car. That honor--depending on where you're from--goes to either the S15 Silvia, which was last manufactured
Will do a meet-and-greet as well
Nissan Motor Philippines (NMPI) is looking to "redefine fun" as part of the "Drive the Fun" theme of the 2012 Philippine International Motor Show. Now, besides giving us a preview of the Almera and a look at the 370Z concept model as
By displaying Almera and 370Z concept model
With "Drive the Fun" being the theme of the 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), Nissan Motor Philippines (NMPI) is joining the celebration by giving the show's visitors a look at the Almera and the concept model of the 370Z."We
All set for sale starting June
Revisions and enhancements on the Nissan 370Z will be made public in a few hours as the 2013 version of the sports car is set to debut at the Chicago Auto Show that opens today in the US."Since the original 1970
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