This is a first
Here at Top Gear Philippines, we love our pickup trucks. Big, small (but preferably still big), fast, slow, capable--we've seen them all, and loved just about every one of them. But this one, the Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept,
1) User-friendly individuals
Owning a pickup truck can be as much a pain in the ass as it is an advantage on the road. If you're a glass-half-full kind of motorist, driving one of these multipurpose, diesel-fed behemoths--with their extra
Lesson learned
There are two sides to Banawe. In the eyes of many, the place is car-guy heaven. Affordable parts and aftermarket bits around every turn, the freedom to haggle, and skilled talyers and mechanics if you know where to look are among
China gets it first
We can finally confirm that Nissan is building a new SUV, and it's called the Terra.The Japanese carmaker made the announcement earlier this morning. The Terra is set to make its global debut in China (which will also be the
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