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For starters, don’t open the radiator cap immediately
Your radiator should be the least of your worries
Planning long-haul road trips in your head, itching for some sand between your toes, and experiencing an incessant craving for halo-halo? Don't worry, you're not alone: Summer is coming.Finally, it's time to put those vacation leaves
Only if you are believer of 'tiis-ganda'
Let's run a quick survey. Choose one: Small bike or big bike. We bet majority of those wanting to own a motorbike would rather go for stallions with large engine displacements instead of smaller scooters or underbones. For one, big
Nausea, discomfort can lead to road accidents
Are you seeing double? Sweating profusely? Losing your balance? Feeling dizzy? Stop your motorbike and rush to a comfy place that will shield you from the scorching heat. These symptoms might be the early signs of a heat stroke. Summer is officially
Too much heat can affect a rider's judgement
The Philippines is a tropical country, and nowhere is that more obvious than when one is riding a motorcycle on a daily basis.Unlike driving a car, where the cabin temperature can be controlled almost to a fault, riding a bike means
Don't panic!
One of the most panic-inducing things that could happen to you when you're out on the road is your car overheating. But don't panic! We're here to help you deal with this shocking but all-too-common problem.
Know when your car is about to hit the danger zone
Hi, Sir Ferman!Good Day! I browse various car forums with different schools of thought when it comes to overheating cars so I've just decided to ask the master. When a car overheats, where should the temperature needle be pointing? Is
What to do when you\'re not satisfied with the service you paid for.
Dear Ferman,I recently had my 2002 Honda CRV serviced at Honda Shaw for overheating problems. What the casa recommended was to \"replace immediately\" all hoses, radiator assembly, fan motor, water pump,thermoswitch, and thermogauge--a total of P28,674.00 for
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