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No mechanical changes for this EV either
Back in April, Nissan introduced some aesthetic tweaks to the Leaf, giving it flashy new wheels and a few tech enhancements here and there. Now, just about half a year later these upgrades have made it to our market. At the 2022
The agency sees a lot of potential
Electric vehicles aren't widely available yet here in the Philippines, and some of the main reasons revolve around the issues of regulation and the lack of proper EV infrastructure. That said, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) sees potential and
The future’s looking electric
The recently concluded 2019 Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) has been an eventful showcase. Thanks to all the companies that participated, we got a good look at what the future of the automotive industry may look like.As many of you probably
The event is now in its seventh year
We are in the advent of electric vehicle (EV) technology-it's hard to say otherwise, especially when carmakers all over the globe are putting more effort and resources into their electric ventures as we eclipse the decade. These are definitely exciting
Is there a future for EVs in the country?
It may not seem like it, but the electric vehicle industry actually has a presence here in the Philippines. Proof of this is the Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit, which will be holding its fifth annual event this coming April 14 and 15.
Starring the eJeepney
The 3rd Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit was held last weekend inside the Meralco Compound, and those who attended heard the dude you see above--Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines president Rommel Juan--boldly proclaim that there would be one million electric
Boldly declared by EV group's president
At the just-concluded 3rd Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines president Rommel Juan boldly declared that there would be a total of one million electric vehicles in the country by the year 2020. That figure factors in
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