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This is the DOTr’s largest single rail contract to date
The Philippine National Railways (PNR) is about to receive some considerable upgrades in the coming years. One of them is a new 565km line that stretches from Metro Manila all the way to Sorsogon-the South Long Haul Project.Also known as
Not too shabby
Operating a train? Sure, we'd like a crack at it. Not the MRT-3, however, because we've seen its operator's cabin and, to be honest, it looks kind of cramped. Given the choice, we'd like to try out
Holiday traffic stressing you out? These stories might offer a reprieve
Five new stations down south have now been opened
A few months back, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) successfully completed a test run from Naga in Bicol all the way to Manila, which took about 13 hours. If that sounded like good news to you, then you might want to check
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