Simple workhorses, right?
At the heart of it, work trucks are really just one thing: simple, reliable tools, made to shoulder the weight of their owners' vocations. But machines made with such honesty of intent and singularity of purpose somehow wind up being desirable in
Imagine something like this turning up at your local car meet
Remember when YouTuber Simone Giertz decided to build a Tesla pickup? The 'Truckla' as it was so cleverly called turned heads and raised eyebrows, but not solely for the wrong reasons. The world was waiting for Tesla to unveil its pickup back
These utes aren’t all rugged brutes
As much as I like pickups, I'm never going to get one as a daily driver. A pickup has too large a footprint, offers limited room inside the cabin, lacks accessible cargo space, and can be downright tiring to drive. My
Teaching an old dog new tricks
The pickup-truck market is an anachronism. Buoyed by commercial utility tax breaks, these supposedly rugged vehicles offer more power and luxury than crossovers for less money. But they're usually less refined as well.That said, Nissan has had a good
We crunched the numbers
In 2017, the government imposed new excise tax rules on all automotive vehicles. The ruling-which spurred a buying spree prior to its implementation-essentially reduced the taxes paid for lower-priced vehicles, but raised taxes for models in the upper bracket.
Worth the asking price?
Ralliart is back in the Philippines. Well, sort of.As we reported earlier, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) has brought in Ralliart variants of the Strada and Montero Sport midsize SUV. But again, these aren't souped-up versions of the vehicle, but
More power!
Practical? Hardly. Economical? Definitely not. Affordable? Extremely unlikely. But damn it, we would be lying if we said we didn't want something as absurd as this twin-turbo V12 Toyota Hilux sitting inside our garage.Never mind the drag strip, too.
Five stars for both models
Ford's latest offerings aren't just tough off the beaten path. If the results from the latest round of Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) are anything to go by, they're reliable when things take a turn a turn for
Dig it?
Toyota's most reliable truck? That honor undoubtedly goes to the Hilux. As for the brand's toughest-looking truck, though? Well, that tile has to go to the current-generation Tundra in the US market.Now, you can get both qualities
The current-generation model’s final units have been sold
If you've been planning to pull the trigger on buying a Ford Ranger Raptor soon, you might want to sit down for this.The Ford Ranger Raptor, the performance version of the standard pickup, is no longer available in the Philippine
Ah, good times
All this talk about excise taxes likely has many car buyers on the edge of their seats. If you'll recall, however, this isn't the first time the local auto industry has faced this kind of situation.Back in 2017 and
Now that’s what we call a rescue effort
What's the worst position you've ever been in while off-roading? Stalled in waist-deep water, perhaps? Or how about being forced to winch your way out of tire-swallowing terrain? Yeah, that's rough-but still probably has nothing
Is it time to pull the trigger on a brand-new truck?
Last week, the House Committee on Ways and Means approved the removal of the excise tax exemption for pickups, among other measures aimed at alleviating the country's debt problems. Worried? Don't worry, because so is the rest of the auto
GR-S and Conquest variants now get adaptive cruise control
It looks like it's not just the new GR86 that Toyota Motor Philippines is launching this month-the carmaker has now also introduced a new and improved version of the Hilux midsize pickup.The updated model comes with new tech and
And here we go
Earlier this year, the Department of Finance (DOF) proposed a series of measures aimed at gradually alleviating the country's growing debt-among them, the removal of the excise tax exemption for pickups.Well, it appears this will soon be more than
Attention southerners
We're willing to bet that many of you made your minds up to buy the all-new Ford Ranger or Everest even prior to the two vehicles' local introduction. Understandable, considering the hype surrounding their launch.May we make a suggestion,
We really wish this would launch here
For the most part, we dig pickups that carry a more popping appearance. The Ford Ranger, for example, looks pretty good in orange, and the Toyota Hilux really stands out in red. In the case of the Hyundai Santa Cruz's more
We really wish this model was available locally
Motoring behemoths like the Ford F-150 are always nice. Frankly, though? Their use is a little bit limited in the local setting. Their massive size simply makes them cumbersome to maneuver in tight city streets, and they're a poor fit
This, or the all-new Ford Ranger?
Last year saw a major shift in Chevrolet Philippines' local business strategy, with the car manufacturer opting to shift its focus from large pickups and midsize SUVs to smaller, more affordable crossovers.With the American car manufacturer's production operations in Thailand
This thing is a monster
Having an impatient Toyota Wigo or Honda Brio honking behind you at the stoplight? No problem-they can wait. Seeing this beast in your rearview mirror, though? Yeah, just pray the driver has his head on straight.This monster you see before
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