Sweepers, hairpins, curves—all recreated on Porsche's Leipzig on-road circuit
Porsche's Leipzig facility in Germany ranks high on our gearhead's list of dream destinations. Apart from hosting factory tours, the facility offers a diverse lineup of ride-and-drive experiences for Porsche owners and fans alike-including a
It can really do it all
Sting's 'Desert Rose' was released in 1999 and quickly climbed the charts. It's a heady mix of hard-pounding bass, futuristic arpeggio effects, traditional tabla percussion, and the melodic wail of Algerian singer Cheb Mami's soaring vocals above Sting'
Want an air-cooled 911?
New-old is an incredibly fashionable flavor of car currently. Depending on your palate, there are many terms for it; 'Continuation,' 'Sanction II,' 'Born Again' and even outlaw 'Restomods.' The notion is simple: vintage looks, squeaky clean running gear. And people obviously
More than 300 cars were displayed
Now this is what we call a car meet. More than 300 Porsches convened at the Show DC Oasis Arena in Bangkok, Thailand a few weeks back for Sportscar Together Day 2018--a celebration of 70 years of the German carmaker's
Ah, simpler times
You know that trope about old men, ruefully evaluating the past and coming to the conclusion that "it was a simpler time?" Well, hand us our bus passes--we're going to declare 1995 a simpler time.We could point to silly
Gone too soon
On the afternoon of November 30, 2013, Paul Walker lost his life in a car crash involving himself, his good friend and fellow car enthusiast Roger Rodas, and the latter's Porsche Carrera GT.There was some controversy after the Fast & Furious
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