We know we’re ready for this
Feast your eyes on the very first screenshots from F1 22, this year's installment in the increasingly impressive series of official Formula 1 games. Before you get too excited, there's no glimpse of the brand-new Miami circuit yet, but
So much to choose from
GT7's visual capabilities certainly make one of the finest, most eye-popping supercars even more, um, eye-poppier. Yes, that's a thing.Racing cars and vacuum cleaners have more in common than perhaps you might imagine. And the mighty Chaparral
Wait till you find out what it’s called...
If, like us, you feel like half the fun of Formula 1 is all the bickering that goes on before and after the races, then Grid Legends, out now on Xbox, Playstation and PC, may well be the game for you. Building
So you can hang out with friends in sunny virtual Mexico
Playground Games released the newest addition to the Forza Horizon trilogy recently; Forza Horizon 5, as we've discovered, is still "as brilliant as ever." More brilliant still is the option to humiliate/get humiliated via the medium of online multiplayer. Here'
The list includes titles on all platforms
After a year of continued video-game console shortages, postponed releases, and, you know, that whole ongoing pandemic thing, 2022 is actually shaping up rather nicely-for fans of racing games, at least. The return of beloved franchises, stunning graphical showcases for
There’s more to this pocket console than ‘Mario Kart’
The undisputed best way to play video games on the toilet, the Nintendo Switch has a healthy selection of racing games. What's more, contrary to expectations, they don't all-star cheery Italian 'plumbers' who, frankly, we've never even seen
Own any of these titles?
For us, the latest PlayStation's main job is to play host to Gran Turismo 7 when that arrives in March 2022, but while it's tempting to hover by the letterbox waiting for that to arrive, there's actually plenty to
How about helping a loved one with their setup?
If, like us, you've spent the majority of the past year and a half stuck at home, there's a good chance you've built yourself a little nook where you spend hours shielding yourself from the realities of pandemic life.
You need these in your garage
Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece. The game looks stunning, the cars feel weightier when driving at speed, and the photo mode makes every vehicle look gorgeous on Mexican roads.So, these are our favorite cars in our first 200 levels. Some
“It's like going on four or five separate holidays at once”
Forza Horizon 5 has arrived on Xbox and PC and, no surprises here-it's very good. We've now reached a quintet of open-world Forza games, and each one has been reliably accomplished, flawlessly slick, and effortlessly charming. It's
There will be several braking systems available in the game
Gran Turismo 7 is coming out in March 2022, and we've now learned that there will be a neat new addition to the game: Brembo brake upgrades.The popular designer and manufacturer of high-performance brakes has partnered with Gran Turismo
‘It knows its real audience is adults who steadfastly refuse to grow up’
We're sad to report that we've finally reached the age where it's no longer socially acceptable to play with diecast cars. It's all about 'conversations' at 'dinner parties.' And we know from bitter experience it's particularly frowned
It arrives as F1 itself is navigating tricky waters
The official Formula 1 games have established themselves as predictably brilliant in recent years, but this latest entry, F1 2021, arrives at a time when the sport is still picking its way through a pandemic and has a calendar of races that'
The ultimate gaming accessory for Ferrari nuts
Remember the 1:1 Ferrari SF1000 replica steering wheel with a P240,000 price tag? Yeah, that was neat, but it was really more of a piece you would display in a man cave rather than play around with-unless making engine
Something to keep you busy until ‘Gran Turismo 7’
In case you missed it, Gran Turismo 7 has been delayed to 2022. Bummer, right? Thankfully, it looks like gamers will have at least one new title to keep them satisfied until then.The first trailer for Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown
We can’t wait
Those of us who won't be able to afford the all-new Toyota 86 when it drops locally can rest easy now: The upcoming sports car is coming to the PlayStation 4.Toyota has confirmed that the all-new 86 will
Ready your wallets
The less said about the events of 2020 the better, but with the year over and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X finally here, we can start looking forward to the video games we'll be playing in 2021. At least
Race your hands if your first racing laps were run on these circuits
There are plenty of complaints that modern race circuits are too dull, too sanitized, and too formulaic. Huge run-off areas, sequences of fast corners that don't allow for a sniff of an overtake, and locations that are mostly flat and
“Co-created by gamers for gamers”
Remember the 'Team Fordzilla P1' crowdsourced hypercar? When Ford first unveiled it back in August, the carmaker said that it was, in fact, not real. Well, you can forget about that last part, because the American carmaker already went ahead and built
A tough test to carry out, but someone’s got to do it...
There are only a few occasions where it's morally acceptable to lie: When you're telling a child that Santa exists, when you're asked if someone's bum looks big in this, and, finally, when you're constructing a list
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