In a bid to make roads safer for everyone
The slower a car is traveling, the less likely someone is to die after being involved in an accident with one. It's not rocket science. Now, an urban planner and mobility group is using this logic to push for the lowering
“Ang ginagawa ng matanda ay ginagaya ng bata”
Is Manila City a shining beacon of mobility? No, not yet. At the very least, however, the current local government is taking steps to try and make it one.Over the past two years, Manila has made strides in trying to improve
These predictive smart headlights automatically adjust when approaching corners
As relaxing and fun it can be to drive at night, it can also be very dangerous at times, especially when you're driving through winding and unfamiliar roads. And it doesn't even matter if you've got bright headlamps fitted
In case you’d rather not carry a booklet around
When it comes to keeping cyclists safe on the road, education goes both ways. It isn't just bikers who need to know what they're doing while on the go-motorists need to be aware of the dos and don'ts,
Equipped with seven sensors that analyze data 1,000 times per second
Airbags have been in cars for decades, saving lives in the event of a crash. In the motorcycle world, they mostly see use in high-level racing like MotoGP, where they've proved successful in allowing riders to survive relatively unscathed after
It actually takes 4.6sec, and that’s long enough for things to go sideways
To those of you who often use your phone while driving, Lexus has a question for you: How long do you think sending or receiving a message takes? One second? Two? Or at the most, three? Wrong.Actually, it's way, way
More commercial vans and trucks should have this
If you've ever been behind the wheel of a commercial van or truck, you'll know keeping tabs on your surroundings can be a chore. This isn't just because these vehicles are considerably larger than the average subcompact sedan or
It’s becoming an issue in Japan
Anyone here planning on quitting driving in their senior years? Yeah, we thought so. Sure, some of us can hire a driver to ferry us around town, but not everyone has that luxury. For many, driving is going to be the main
Do you use this feature?
Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a feature that's supposed to make driving safer on highways. According to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), however, it might actually have the opposite effect.The IHH analyzed the behavior
Drive safe
Move over, early morning. According to the 2020 Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) report, the period from 7pm to 12am recorded the highest number of fatal traffic incidents last year.A total of 65,032 road crashes were recorded
As more cyclists hit the road, bicycle-related incidents have increased
We need more bicycle-friendly roads-that's been the case for quite some time now already. But this fact is being highlighted yet again by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) report
Fewer cars, fewer road mishaps
The Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) report for 2020 is out, and as expected, there were significantly fewer road mishaps recorded last year compared with the year prior.With fewer vehicles on the roads due to COVID-19 lockdown
This is a serious problem
Guys, we have a serious problem here in the Philippines when it comes to road accidents. No, it isn't just that there are more road mishaps happening than any motorist would be comfortable with. It's that the drivers-or authorities-
“You shouldn’t need a law to convince you that child safety is important”
Lost in the scandal over the private motor vehicle inspection centers over the past month is the less contentious but just as overblown scandal over the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act-a law we've been reporting about for four years.
These are called ‘Electronic High Visibility Panels’
If you often drive at night here in the Philippines, especially along expressways, then you've probably seen a few trucks with those blinding rearward-facing lights. It's irritating, not to mention dangerous, for anyone approaching from behind.But contrary to
By learning how drivers interact with cars, designers can create safer cabins
No matter how advanced cars have become these days, there is always room for improvement. Changes, no matter how big or small. can still be made to better the overall experience behind the wheel.Spanish carmaker Seat, for example, is studying how
It’s like a wearable airbag
No pricing details have been made known, but considering Ducati's regular jackets easily reach upwards of several hundred euros, we don't expect the company's new smart jacket to come cheap. Still, if you can afford to splurge in exchange
And is it safe to buy secondhand?
The full implementation of Republic Act No. 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act has been deferred as parents are still left with many questions about the law. One of those is about the expiration dates of child car seats.
You can’t put a price on safety
Child car seats are in demand now that Republic Act No. 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act became a hot topic at the start of the month. And while its full implementation has been deferred for now, parents still
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