The rise of the machines?
There's no feeling quite like owning a car that you know was worked on by the best of the best by hand. Simply put, you just can't replicate the personal touch of someone who cares about their work.Or can
Think Team USA could use his help?
Last night, the global hoops community was stunned after the US Olympic men's basketball team was defeated by France 83-76. The final result came following an epic 16-2 run by the Frenchmen in the fourth quarter's closing minutes,
Is this the future of logistics?
Picture this: You book a food delivery from a nearby restaurant via an app-based service like GrabFood or Foodpanda. Half an hour later, your phone rings and you head to the front door to pick your grub up-except instead of
They can now clean the house and take selfies while they’re at it, too
Toyota's robots can do way more than just shoot hoops now, it seems. Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has just shared a new video showcasing its robot's new capabilities, and in it we get to see the machine doing a few
The power of AI
Several months ago, auto companies began shifting some of their focus to the digital front of the car buying process-part of the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're having trouble acclimatizing to the sudden prominence
The prototype looks like a real-life R2-D2
The automotive industry takes another big step towards electrification, as Volkswagen has now revealed the prototype versions of its new mobile charging robot. It's exactly what it sounds like: a robot built to facilitate autonomous charging of EVs in a restricted
The carmaker is set to acquire an 80% share in Boston Robotics
Hyundai is about to acquire an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics, maker of those scary robotic dogs, in a deal that values the American company at $1.1 billion (P53 billion). The remaining 20% of the company will be retained by its
They use the same battery as the i3
It can't be reasoned with. It can't be bargained with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop...until it has safely delivered up to one ton's worth of palleted goods safely
These four-legged robots can be deployed to hard-to-reach areas of the plant
Ford really is living in the future. The carmaker is now experimenting with four-legged 'dog-like' robots at its Van Dyke Transmission Plant to use as scouts to scan and collect data on the premises.The two robots-Fluffy and his
Should James Harden worry?
Say hello to CUE4, Toyota's hot-shooting basketball robot. The marksman was developed by volunteers from the Japanese car manufacturer during their free time, and can supposedly hit "100 out of 100 shots."That's quite a shooting percentage, so should
Good news for us humans
Well, it doesn't look like robots will be taking over most of the jobs in the automotive industry. At least not yet.According to a report by Automotive News Europe based on data gathered by Bloomberg, employment in the auto industry
As interactive as it is cute
Toyota is known to be a maker of some of the best and most reliable vehicles on the road. Young and old alike recognize the intersecting ellipses badge and what it stands for. Soon, however, the Japanese carmaker may also be known
The goal is to build collision-free vehicles
Have you ever marveled at the way animals move together in droves without bumping into one another, like, say, ants, bees, birds or fish? The engineers at Nissan Motor Company have thought of this, and now want to apply the principle to
And make them even tougher
The human body is a delicate thing and it can only take so much physical abuse. So, to protect its drivers--and test the limits of its trucks\' durability--Ford\'s engineers developed the industry's first robotic test-driving program, which
To combat repetitive-stress injuries
General Motors (GM) has teamed up with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop a robotic glove that both automotive-assembly workers and astronauts can wear "to help do their respective jobs better while potentially reducing the risk of repetitive-
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