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Built for ‘sheer driving pleasure’
When Andreas Preuninger, the boss of Porsche's GT Line cars, gets this enthusiastic, he's pretty hard to ignore. Not that you'd ever want to."Honestly, I can't wait for you to drive it. I know we're not
Be very afraid
Ferrari's famously unhinged 'XX' series of cars-which count 2005's FXX through 2008's FXX Evo, 2010's 599XX cars and the wild LaFerrari-based FXX-K of 2014-have always been tethered to a racetrack. For the first time,
Not for introverts, that's for sure
As these pictures make abundantly clear, the result of mixing Mattel and Maserati is an extraordinarily pink SUV called - shockingly enough - the Barbie Maserati Grecale. Quite something, isn't it?OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:Report: Top execs fired as
It’s inspired by the long-tail racers from the ’60s
Very rarely does a new Pagani special edition fail to impress, but this one might just leave you a little flabbergasted. This is the very special, very limited, and very, very expensive Pagani Huayra Codalunga.It's the work of Pagani's
Everything is just better with stripes, isn't it? Football kits, racing cars, lawns, erm... wallpaper? Oh, and as it happens, the Toyota 4Runner.What you see above is the 4Runner 40th Anniversary Special Edition, so named because as of 2023, the
The color will be made available to McLaren buyers
McLaren has developed a fancy new paint color to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which-according to a well-known search engine-is something that is apparently happening this year. We really should stick to cars.Anyway, Platinum Jubilee means
This one-off will be auctioned off for the Royal Air Forces Association
Yes, it's another restomodded Land Rover Defender, but as you might have guessed from the images here, this one is inspired by the iconic double-rotor Chinook helicopter, which somehow celebrated its 40th year of active service in 2021. How time
No rear windscreen, but with a twin-turbo V8, you only need to look forward
Flavio Manzoni has done it again. The celebrated Ferrari design boss has led his team to deliver a very special version of the F8 Tributo for a very special customer. This is the Ferrari SP48 Unica, the latest in Ferrari's series
Well, this is rather lovely, isn't it? What you're looking at here is the new Porsche 911 Sport Classic-a fully-loaded, retro-inspired 992-gen 911 that Porsche says is 'inspired by the original 911' and in particular the
Between the RWD and the STO
Lamborghini calls it the new Huracán Tecnica, but you can simply call it Goldilocks. It's the baby Lambo that slots in between the 'regular' rear-wheel-drive car called RWD, and the mad, bad track-honed STO that demands an
The last of the special editions
This is the Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition, the last of the special-edition Ford GTs released that celebrate various GT40 racing successes. This one celebrates the best-Ford's famous one-two-three win at the 1966 24 Hours of
What a birthday present
You might call this a 2.5-ton, 577hp V8-powered anniversary present. You might also call it the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55, largely because that's exactly what it is.Yup, who's feeling old now? It's the year
Best birthday gift to self
Many happy returns, AMG, 55 years old this year and still going giving Mercs more muscle. And to mark the occasion, the Affalterbach firm has done exactly what you'd expect it to, revealing this Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series with a
But the car still looks good so we're not complaining
What's that, you say? You want news of a special-edition V8? Well, it just so happens that we've taken delivery of such news very recently.It arrives in the shape of the Lexus LC, now in its seventh year
Ninety-nine units of this colorful BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe will be produced
Big news in the world of colorful cars: Jeff Koons-the man behind one of the greatest ever BMW Art Cars, the 2010 M3 GT2 that competed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans-has got his paintbrushes out once again to
Bet you didn’t see that coming
In today's episode of things you didn't expect to read in 2022, Ford has built a one-off, Pope-themed Ford Bronco. Because of course it has.The Wimbledon White creation you see above pays homage to the specially modified
It was inevitable
Yes, folks, you read that right: BMW will no longer build V12-engined cars, and the engine you (really can't) see here is one of the very last of a dying breed. That means it's time to sit forlornly in
Gotta love that retro racing livery
In celebration of 60 years of Grand Prix racing, Yamaha has been releasing a series of special liveries for its YZF line of sportbikes. From the R15 all the way up to the R1, each member of the Japanese brand's roster
The brand is no stranger to winning championships
Suzuki has been a motorsports powerhouse, securing victory at the Isle of Man TT, Motocross GP, and MotoGP. Now, the Japanese manufacturer's racing team has taken its latest win at the 2021 FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC).As this season's
This exterior scheme celebrates Yamaha’s 60 years in Grand Prix racing
Recently, Yamaha graced its YZF line of sportbikes with sick World GP 60th anniversary edition liveries. Non-YZF-R models, however, don't get to rock the iconic white-and-red paint schemes right out of the factory. Not until now, at
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