You just knew Toyota has something good in store for the GR Supra at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show.At first glance, the units you see here don't appear to be anything too out of the ordinary-
We could listen to this all day
To be honest, we'll take any opportunity we can get to spend some alone time with the market's hottest rides-even if it means just sitting inside one with the engine switched off.This is exactly what we did when
The best hardcore M4?
The return of the CSL badge to a hardcore BMW for the first time in two decades. Take an M4, add 40hp, strip out 100kg, and build just 1,000 of them.Nerdy weight-saving. A carbon hood and trunklid save 24kg.
And the start of Jaguar as an electric car company
Jaguar has revealed a new special edition of its absurdly handsome F-Type, and it is the final run of F-Types it intends to build. Welcome to the end of 75 years of petrol-powered Jaguar sports cars.Consigning these big
Not the Nismo, but it will do for now
This is the Nissan Z GT4-Nismo's race-ready take on the new-generation Z car.Disappointed? We can see why. Some of you may have assumed what Nissan teased on social media recently would end up being the vehicle's
Nothing here that looks too absurd
When you were young and your heart was an open book, you used to love bodykits, right? But if this ever-changing world in which we're living makes you look at bodykits and sigh, this article might not be for you.
Looks clean as heck
The Nissan GT-R R35 has gotten old. Really old. Nissan had already said in the past that there is a next-generation model on the horizon-it even confirmed that there will be an electrified one in the future-the carmaker
The wait is over: Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has finally shared the official prices and variants of the all-new 86. Breathe that big sigh of relief-you've earned it.Locally, the 2023 Toyota GR86, as it is more commonly referred
Here we go
Late last month, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) gave the local motoring media a quick preview of the all-new Toyota 86. In case you missed it, the manufacturer announced that units of the sports car within our borders will get the same
Is perfection all it’s cracked up to be?
This is the all-new Subaru BRZ, which retains the first generation's coupe shape, two-door layout, and rear-focused weight distribution. But more on the design later. OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:Say hello to the all-new Suzuki
Prices and release date to follow
The Philippine market is inching closer toward a local release of the all-new Toyota 86-it's just that no one knows exactly when this will take place yet.Our hunch is soon, but until Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) marks a
That’s huge
The Bureau of Customs (BOC) wasn't able to sell all of the seized luxury cars that it put up for bidding back in December, which is why the agency had to auction them off to the public for another round this
Think all motorsports will eventually ditch traditional fuels?
We've yet to drive one, but the Nissan Z appears to have all the makings of something that should be a blast to drive. That said, the brand is out to prove the vehicle doesn't necessarily need its gas-guzzling
Digging the new shade?
Red, white, blue...and now orange? Yes, the verdict is in: The 2022 Toyota 86 looks pretty good sporting the sunset shade.We say this because the Japanese car manufacturer has just revealed a limited-edition release of the vehicle in the
Occam’s Razor in automotive form
Petrol-powered-sports-car-wise, this is possibly the last dance. Meet the follow-up to the GT86, now with knowhow from Toyota's motorsport-conquering Gazoo Racing division-hence the name tweak. The GR86 is still a front-engined, 2+2-
“It’s a back to basics feeling without a back to basics cabin”
What we have here is the latest in the more than 50 years of Nissan Z cars-the now-eponymous Nissan Z. So that's a lineage that links back through the 370Z and the 350Z, all the way back through the
Another way to go green
It would seem that GT4 racing cars are about to go eco. But hang on a second, because this isn't another news story about a race series going hybrid...Nope, what we have here is the Mercedes-AMG GT4, which has
Well, this is rather lovely, isn't it? What you're looking at here is the new Porsche 911 Sport Classic-a fully-loaded, retro-inspired 992-gen 911 that Porsche says is 'inspired by the original 911' and in particular the
The hybrid will be launched next year followed by the fully electric version
How long did we have to wait for a mid-engined Corvette-about 65 years? Well, you spend a lifetime holding out for a revolution and then two turn up in the same decade.Fresh from ditching its rear-engine configuration in
Did you see this on the road?
Last Sunday, some of you guys probably came across a massive convoy of supercars and performance rides strutting their stuff south of Metro Manila. As you probably guessed, all of these vehicles converging in one spot wasn't a coincidence.What you
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