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It really does feel nostalgic
Hi, fellow commuters! Come on, admit it: Your morning and evening UV rides are so frustrating-and such a waste of precious time-that you sometimes listen to music and pretend like you're in a dramatic music video. Sure, the person
‘Senti’ mode on
There's just something about the rain that brings out the senti in all of us. Maybe it's the drop in temperature or the gloomy atmosphere, or perhaps the sound of raindrops. We're not entirely sure.Relate much? Then chances
Keep up with the times
Times have changed, and being out on the road is no longer as simple as it used to be.Staying connected-whether with the office for work, with loved ones back at home, or to the Internet in general-is now something
We do the math
Okay, so we all know that you aren't supposed to be fiddling with your mobile phone while on the road. But with EDSA traffic often stretching into two- or three-hour slogs, apps like Waze and Spotify are often all that
According to Spotify's data
It's safe to say that most of us enjoy listening to music while driving. We know of people who don't drive out of the parking lot unless a playlist has been set.Among the myriad ways of listening to our
For improved in-car voice and data
It's another weeknight stuck in gridlock. The traffic enforcers are nowhere to be found. The light ahead of you is green, but some idiotic buses have blocked your way because they entered the box junction (if they even know what this
But only with necessary options
Spotify users can now bring the popular music-streaming service into their car--provided it's a BMW or a Mini that's equipped with the German carmaker's Apps option.As of last week, all Spotify users on iOS are able
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