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We sense another hit from Sant'Agata
Is it an SUV? Is it a sedan on stilts? No! The Landazor is something entirely new, says Lamborghini, an 'Ultra-GT' designed to draw a link between the Urus and its supercars. The good news? It still looks like a Lambo-
Built by Eccentrica Cars
If the baggy trousers and bucket hat comebacks weren't proof enough already, we're here to inform you that the '90s are back in fashion. So, what better way to celebrate than with a restomod version of the most '90s supercar
How did that happen?
The Lexus LFA is the kind of car that will probably never be made ever again. It's unlikely we'll ever see Lexus or Toyota building a carbon fiber-bodied grand tourer with a non-turbocharged V10 that wails to over
“The concept fits beautifully”
I don't like plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, aka PHEVs. It frustrates me, carting around a dead engine or a flat battery. The only good PHEV is a PHEV that's working in the sweet spot of gasoline and electric in
Fernando Alonso has announced he's putting his Ferrari Enzo up for auction. Whether that's to make space for a Valkyrie, one can only speculate.Auctioneer Monaco Car Auctions speculates that when the rosso Enzo comes up for sale next month,
It’s a new record for the most Lambos on track at one time
Lamborghini turns 60 years old in 2023, so it's been 60 years since-if the Lamborghini movie is to be believed-boss Ferruccio invented time travel in order to park a Ferrari Dino GT outside the front of his new factory.
It’s a GT-R50 with a one-of-a-kind finish
Nissan's celebration of the famed GT-R badge's 50th anniversary was nothing short of spectacular: It teamed up with Italdesign to create a one-of-a-kind Godzilla, the GT-R50. That was actually a long time ago, but it
Still think plug-in hybrids are boring?
I haven't had the chance to fully eulogise about the Ferrari 296 GTB. It is many of the things we now blithely expect a new Ferrari to be: beautifully developed and offering so much performance you really do wonder how much
This 697hp, 900Nm super SUV’s quite the looker
Earlier this week, the new Aston Martin DBX 707 officially landed in our market. It caught the attention of a lot of our readers, and we're sure it's partly because of the eye-watering price tag.But apart from the
The same goes for luxury watches
Any one-percenters here looking to add a brand-new Ferrari or Lamborghini to their garage? Yeah, you might want to act fast-because a bill has been filed in Congress that may cause luxury car prices to shoot up considerably.House
Sián, is that you?
The Aventador was Lamborghini's flagship model for over a decade. For 11 years, the top Lambo wowed crowds with its glorious, high-revving, naturally aspirated V12 and its sharp styling. One could even say that it aged well since its design
Origami meets motorsport
We've seen a McLaren F1 car built entirely from Lego, and now we've been presented with this: a full-scale McLaren F1 car constructed solely from sheets of paper. Yup, it's origami meets motorsport.The creation is the work
Only 67 units will be made
Though outwardly it looked broadly the same as the cars it succeeded, famously the Ford GT40 Mk IV was a completely different animal underneath. And it is to this 7.0-liter leviathan that Ford has paid homage for the very last
Like it?
Lexus is going to build an electrified halo performance car that'll take over the very polished baton passed on by the old V10-engined LFA supercar. Currently, it resides under the name 'Electrified Sport,' and points to a future where EVs
Cayenne? What Cayenne?
It's not often we taste a new flavour of Porsche 911. Usually the same models come around on largely excellent repeat: Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GT3, Sport Classic... there's a 911 for just about anyone. Except, what if you like mucking
Honda has ceased NSX production...again
If you mention JDM legends of the '90s, chances are, the Honda NSX is on your list. The NSX was short for New Sportscar eXperimental, and it arrived at a time when Japan was going sports car crazy. To say that Honda
Not a future you want to be living in
Often with cars, it's the stories that bring them to life. Or in the case of this haunting set of images, take it from them. Designer Fabian Oberhammer has clearly channeled the vibes of seminal video game The Last Of Us
Will you be watching this?
So, the first trailer for Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend finally hit YouTube recently. First thought? Man, that Enzo Ferrari biopic better drop sometime soon.By the looks of it, Ferrari will be portrayed as an antagonist in the upcoming film-
Expensive, yes. But good?
A naked McLaren Senna. McLaren fancied a slice of the super-speedster action, so it dropped the Senna's 804hp V8 into a carbon bathtub, and said it would build 399. Then 249. Then 149. And to sell them all, it's
As seen in ‘OutRun’
Here it is, folks: the Ferrari Testarossa Spider, a car that you-if you're anything like us-have driven for countless miles... without ever actually touching.As you're probably aware by now, the Testarossa Spider never made it to series
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