Origami meets motorsport
We've seen a McLaren F1 car built entirely from Lego, and now we've been presented with this: a full-scale McLaren F1 car constructed solely from sheets of paper. Yup, it's origami meets motorsport.The creation is the work
Only 67 units will be made
Though outwardly it looked broadly the same as the cars it succeeded, famously the Ford GT40 Mk IV was a completely different animal underneath. And it is to this 7.0-liter leviathan that Ford has paid homage for the very last
Like it?
Lexus is going to build an electrified halo performance car that'll take over the very polished baton passed on by the old V10-engined LFA supercar. Currently, it resides under the name 'Electrified Sport,' and points to a future where EVs
Cayenne? What Cayenne?
It's not often we taste a new flavour of Porsche 911. Usually the same models come around on largely excellent repeat: Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GT3, Sport Classic... there's a 911 for just about anyone. Except, what if you like mucking
Honda has ceased NSX production...again
If you mention JDM legends of the '90s, chances are, the Honda NSX is on your list. The NSX was short for New Sportscar eXperimental, and it arrived at a time when Japan was going sports car crazy. To say that Honda
Not a future you want to be living in
Often with cars, it's the stories that bring them to life. Or in the case of this haunting set of images, take it from them. Designer Fabian Oberhammer has clearly channeled the vibes of seminal video game The Last Of Us
Will you be watching this?
So, the first trailer for Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend finally hit YouTube recently. First thought? Man, that Enzo Ferrari biopic better drop sometime soon.By the looks of it, Ferrari will be portrayed as an antagonist in the upcoming film-
Expensive, yes. But good?
A naked McLaren Senna. McLaren fancied a slice of the super-speedster action, so it dropped the Senna's 804hp V8 into a carbon bathtub, and said it would build 399. Then 249. Then 149. And to sell them all, it's
As seen in ‘OutRun’
Here it is, folks: the Ferrari Testarossa Spider, a car that you-if you're anything like us-have driven for countless miles... without ever actually touching.As you're probably aware by now, the Testarossa Spider never made it to series
You can get this beast with 900hp
So, this is Lotus's SUV. React as you choose (unless that is a YouTube reaction, in which case we're good, thanks) but the fact is that an SUV pretty much saved Porsche, and solidified Lamborghini for the first time in
Who says plug-in hybrids can't drive this awesome?
Ferrari's 'entry-level' mid-engined plug-in hybrid - with over 800hp. It's Ferrari's first mid-engined V6 since the 1970s, and probably its prettiest offering since the 458.Agility. The 296 has the shortest wheelbase of any Ferrari Berlinetta
The LTO is not pleased
Remember during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when a Ferrari 488 was apprehended for using EDSA's bus lane? Apparently, the owner of this F8 Tributo might not have caught the story, because the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is now
You're looking at the very last Lamborghini Aventador
Remember a couple of weeks back when we brought you news of the last ever Lamborghini Aventador? We thought that was that, but now the car's been delivered to is Swiss owner, Lambo has divulged more info about the raging bull'
The ‘LM’ stands for Le Mans
And just like that, it's gone: after six years and a (revised) total of 1,350 cars, we've finally come to the last 20 Ford GTs, otherwise known as the 'familiar road car badge with a race car attached to
Here’s what we’ve discovered after checking out this new Prancing Horse
The first time I clapped my eyes on the new Ferrari Purosangue in the metal, I liked it. And I still liked it 15 minutes later when I'd finished walking all the way around it. Lord, it's big. Not tall:
It’s the first-ever four-door, four-seater Ferrari sports car
Ferrari said not so long ago it would never build an SUV. So what does that make this newcomer, the Purosangue? In Ferrari's words, it's not an SUV or a crossover-it's a sports car. The first four-door
The Ferrari 288 GTO, restomodded the right way
This is the Maggiore GranTurismo. And while you might not know the name, you absolutely know the recipe: engine in the middle, drive to the rear, pop-up headlights up front. Drape in gorgeous bodywork. Garnish and serve.But, as you might
What makes or breaks a supercar's mass appeal? There's the performance, of course, and then you have the design-we reckon these two qualities both hover around the top of the list of boxes to tick, yes?The Audi R8
They look really damn good, though
Countless car guys dream of owning a McLaren. Now, the supercar manufacturer is giving all of us a chance to live the fantasy. Good luck hitting highway speeds in these, though.What you're looking at is McLaren's new collaboration with
In fact, they freed up quite a lot of horses
Though the V8 sitting very prettily in the back of the Ferrari F8 Tributo has been considered the finest engine of the past two decades, one tuner reckons it's got more to give.Specifically, 838hp and 922Nm of torque. Sizeable increases
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