Lighter, better for efficiency, and easier on the planet
The auto industry's current obsession with going green isn't just limited to electric cars and hybrid powertrains. In case you weren't aware, companies are turning their attention to reducing the environmental impact of other components, too.Tires are one
Goodyear now uses autonomous vehicles for real-world testing of its tire tech
What happens when a driverless car gets a flat? Will the vehicle slow down and pull over? How do you change the tire afterwards, then? More important, who changes the tire?Well, Goodyear has quite the straightforward approach to address all this:
These tires are produced using FSC-certified natural rubber and rayon
BMW is taking another big step towards a greener future, as it has now announced that it will be using new sustainable tires in the X5 xDrive45e plug-in hybrid later this year.These 'sustainable tires' are produced using certified sustainable natural
Siklo Pilipinas has found a clever use for waste rubber
Not-so-fun fact: tire rubble accounts for a good chunk of the plastic waste in the ocean. With that, let us ask you-what do you do with your cars' old tires? Do you sell them for junk, upcycle or recycle
Specifically built for the light commercial truck segment
Michelin has launched a new product that we think business owners-particularly of small- and medium-sized enterprises-might find useful: the Agilis 3. This is French brand's new tire built for the light commercial truck segment. If you own such
It pays to have these ready at all times
Hope for the best but expect the worst. It might not be the most upbeat mantra to live by, but keeping it mind can certainly save you from disappointments, headaches, and other potential disasters. Sure, be optimistic all you like, but just
This is kind of important
When it comes to tires and tire pressure, the usual advice is to go with what the car manufacturer recommends. This is for regular driving on roads, though, and if you drive out on an off-road adventure with friends with your
It draws power directly from a car’s alternator
Whenever your car turns a wheel, whether it's powered by gasoline, diesel, or electricity, its tires release microscopically small particles of rubber into the atmosphere. These particles are hugely damaging to our health and the environment. They find their way into
Are you willing to spend the extra penny for added safety?
Of all the modern tech that carmakers equip their products with these days, there's one that's proven to be quite useful: tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). While it's not necessarily the make-or-break feature for car buyers, it'
Thanks to a new material that reduces both production costs and carbon emissions
There have been numerous advancements in tire technology over the past few years or so. Michelin's airless tires, Continental's self-inflating tires, Goodyear's reCharge tire concep-the list goes on.But way before any of these even came to
In case you ever wondered
They may not be as intriguing to learn about compared to an engine or transmission, but tires are just as vital-if not more so-to a vehicle's operation. Hey, a car with nothing under the hood can still roll around
Owners of underbones and scooters should be ready to empty their wallets
Recognizing the growing demand for high-performance, quality tires for small-displacement motorbikes in the Philippines, Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli has unveiled its Diablo Rosso Sport line. These tires are specifically designed for underbones, scooters, and other lightweight motorbikes under 400cc. Philip
The new generation of the Cinturato P7
Tire boffins are extremely clever folk. It seems as though a different company unveils a different innovation every week these days, and Pirelli's latest announcement certainly caught our eye.Having been in development for the past three years, the latest generation
Here are a few tips on how to avoid and fix flat-spotting
When car owners are forced to prep their cars for long-term storage, there's a good chance they may miss the other important parts outside of the engine and car battery. Tires, for example, are often overlooked, especially since these are
The new normal
You're going to have to keep the new normal in mind if you plan on buying tires at Goodyear Autocare facilities during the general community quarantine period (GCQ).The company has just announced that it will be implementing a zero-contact
It’s almost too easy
Depending on where you get a flat and how big you ride's wheels are, changing a tire can be a tedious process. You need to lug your spare out, jack up your car, and this and that-but what if you
Nearly a quarter of every tire is ‘synthetic rubber’—as in plastics
The car, it seems, is perhaps not the single greatest thing we've ever done for the natural world. We know by now about an engine's propensity to spew out more toxicity than an Internet forum. We know about the huge
Here’s an easy-to-follow guide
It's a fact of car ownership that your vehicle's tires will sustain wear and tear-how bad and how quickly this happens depends on how you use them, and how often.Tires can be rather expensive and we tend to
The teams have spoken
Pirelli rolled out new, prototype 2020 tires for Formula 1 to test out in Abu Dhabi following the end of the season last month. That's George Russell, doing some testing in the Merc, above. The result of the test?Computer says
No more fretting about surprise flat tires
Earlier this year we brought you the news that Michelin and GM are teaming up to bring airless tires to market in 2024. Continental is heading in a different direction with its development, and the German company has come up with a
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