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Here are a few tips on how to avoid and fix flat-spotting
The new normal
You're going to have to keep the new normal in mind if you plan on buying tires at Goodyear Autocare facilities during the general community quarantine period (GCQ).The company has just announced that it will be implementing a zero-contact
It’s almost too easy
Depending on where you get a flat and how big you ride's wheels are, changing a tire can be a tedious process. You need to lug your spare out, jack up your car, and this and that-but what if you
Nearly a quarter of every tire is ‘synthetic rubber’—as in plastics
The car, it seems, is perhaps not the single greatest thing we've ever done for the natural world. We know by now about an engine's propensity to spew out more toxicity than an Internet forum. We know about the huge
Here’s an easy-to-follow guide
It's a fact of car ownership that your vehicle's tires will sustain wear and tear-how bad and how quickly this happens depends on how you use them, and how often.Tires can be rather expensive and we tend to
The teams have spoken
Pirelli rolled out new, prototype 2020 tires for Formula 1 to test out in Abu Dhabi following the end of the season last month. That's George Russell, doing some testing in the Merc, above. The result of the test?Computer says
No more fretting about surprise flat tires
Earlier this year we brought you the news that Michelin and GM are teaming up to bring airless tires to market in 2024. Continental is heading in a different direction with its development, and the German company has come up with a
For small and midsize passenger cars
Michelin Philippines recently launched its new Energy XM2+ line of tires. Marketed with the tagline 'Your Stopping Superpower,' the new product is geared toward young, budget-minded consumers who value safety and longevity in tires for small and midsize passenger cars.The
Five new products were introduced
Cheng Shin Tire (CST), the eighth largest tire manufacturer in the world, is looking to further expand its reach in the Philippines as it adds new passenger and 4x4 tires to its product lineup.The first of five products is the Parkour-
Find out when to re-tire that rubber
You never hear people brag about the tires on their cars unless these owners are hardcore enthusiasts. There are often discussions about aftermarket wheels, but very few about the rubber they're shod with. And we really should change that.We want
It’s a relatively simple task
When it comes to safety, a car's tires are arguably one of its most important components. These pieces of rubber are, after all, are a big part of what's keeping you and your speeding 1,000kg subcompact sedan firmly planted
This eliminates the trouble of changing flats
Though funky-looking airless tires have been around for a while-Michelin has been developing them since 2005-none have yet been fitted to a regular road car available to the masses.But apparently, that's all going to change in 2024,
The brand has released products designed for the Filipino rider
Motorcycles have been flooding the streets of Metro Manila like never before. As the traffic continues to worsen, Filipinos are turning to various alternatives to get around the city more easily, including the use of motorbike-hailing services. With the increasing demand
They may look the same, but they’re not
For the uninitiated, buying tires can be a daunting task. How can you tell the difference between one black rubber donut from another? Especially those zigzag and straight patterns...what do you call them? Tire treads? What are the differences? Which tire
This is kind of important
Grab a pen and open a notebook, because this is kind of important.If you own a car, you know its tires are a pretty big deal. It's what's keeping you and your ride firmly planted on the asphalt, whether
These kicks, Lexus says, have been created by a fashion designer
Tires have inspired many shoes. But we're not sure a shoe has ever inspired a tire. Until now, anyway.What you're looking at here is a completely ordinary Lexus UX crossover, except for the fact that it's wearing a
Do you own a 4x4?
Looking to buy a new set of tires for your 4x4 SUV? If yes, you may want to look into buying a set from Falken, as JM Far East Inc.-the tire manufacturer's official Philippine distributor-has just launched a new
Let’s talk about your options
A reader has sent in a letter asking us to do sort of a Big Test of portable emergency compressors. Here is the letter in full:Dear Top Gear PH,I carry emergency compressors in all my vehicles in case tire pressures
First, don’t panic
It can happen to any motorist, anytime. Hopefully, not when you're harassed and rushing to be somewhere. It's really beyond our control, but when it happens, we should be prepared. What am I talking about? A flat tire.It can
The new A052 tire was put through its paces, too
If you want to find out what a performance tire is capable of, this is the way to do it.Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines (YTSPI) held a track day last September 29, 2018, to commemorate the 40th year of Advan. For those
Metzeler unleashes Sportec M7 RR street tire
Earlier this year, I bought a slightly used 2017 Yamaha MT-09. Even though it cost me more than a brand-new unit would've had, this MT-09 is loaded with lots of high-performance parts that would probably fetch one-
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