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We cry
With 257hp and 360Nm available at the throttle and incredible handling, the Toyota GR Yaris is a certified blitz to drive even in its base form. Imagine our excitement, then, when the Japanese manufacturer shared it would be unveiling a "fully-tuned"
This looks incredible
Considering the ever-increasing range of EVs these days, we're already at the point where electric cars make for viable daily drivers. But are we at the point where these things evoke the same feeling of excitement as their fuel-guzzling
This? Say hello to the Toyota GR GT3 Concept-the brand's attempt at "further accelerating" its customers' stake in the realm of motorsports. We think the company's done a rather bang-up job here. Yes, we're acknowledging it's
Are you digging it?
The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser, even in its stock form, is already one of the toughest-looking vehicles in its segment. That said, making the SUV look even burlier without making it borderline absurd is a tall order.Thankfully, it looks like
Luxury and versatility do mix
Well, here's a neat little breath of fresh air from all the kei cars and electric vehicles making their way to the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS).Lexus has teamed up with the JAOS Corporation to showcase a burly, off-road-
In December 2022, Mitsubishi announced it would be showcasing a new Ralliart concept at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS). Well, we finally have a proper look at the vehicle, and if you were expecting something along the lines of Ralliart
We’ll take this over a crossover
Honda has unveiled the all-new sixth-generation Step WGN in Japan, and the campaign for it to be exported across the globe starts right here. Yeah, it'll probably never happen, but the least we can do is give it a
Gazoo Racing is taking center stage
It's not a stretch to say that Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR), the company's relatively new performance wing, is at the heart of what makes the brand one of the most exhilarating in contemporary motoring. You needn't look any further
Would you buy a version like this?
The Suzuki Jimny is one hell of a car-so much so that we made it our Car of the Year for 2019. Its main draw is how it manages to squeeze in incredible off-road capability into such a tiny package.
We really wish kei cars were a thing here
Cars aren't always just a vessel for getting from point A to B. Sure, that's the essence of owning one, but for many, a set of wheels is so much more.A new vehicle can mean someone finally has the
Any owners here looking for inspiration?
You don't need to do much to a vehicle like the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser to intimidate fellow SUVs out on the road. For one thing, the LC300 already towers over other cars. And then there's its tough exterior
Is this viable?
When it comes to overlanding, size matters. This isn't just because you want to have a good amount of space if you're living off the grid, but also because you need a vehicle capable of tackling settings most other cars
The brand is going green with this one
Subaru is a brand that you just always expect something neat out of during the annual Tokyo Auto Salon. And in 2022, it appears things will be no different.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced that its performance wing, Subaru Tecnica International (
Now this is what we call the van life
Overlanding and van life stories have become commonplace here on the Top Gear Philippines website. Most of the time, though, our focus falls on vehicles that will require a second (or possibly third or fourth) mortgage to obtain. This is not the
A new ‘Ralliart concept’ will be unveiled at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon
Ralliart's comeback was...disappointing, to say the least. For those of us who went aboard the hype train, we were expecting machines worthy of competing in the Dakar Rally and the World Rally Championship. Instead, Mitsubishi chose to give us stickers.
Displayed at the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon
Drag cars are supposed to be menacing and noisy, not quiet and subtle. The Honda e-Drag, though? We're willing to make an exception.Displayed at this year's virtual Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS), the Honda e-Drag is a stripped-
Looking for a way to steer clear of COVID-19 without being cooped up by yourself inside a room all day? According to experts, staying outside is one way of keeping safe from the virus.No, not at an air-conditioned mall
We still hope the all-new Jazz makes it to our shores
Any Honda Jazz fans here? Yeah, you might want to temper your expectations for 2021, as it's looking less and less likely Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) will bring in the latest version of your favorite hatchback.The likely decision to forego
These kei-car concepts are utterly crazy but completely lovable
Great news! The Tokyo Auto Salon may be going virtual this year, but thankfully our old pals at Daihatsu have lost none of their creative spirit. Click these blue words if you're not sure what we're talking about.That link
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