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It’s all about having fun
Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. Some cost a fortune, while others are dirt-cheap. Some are built to fit in even the tiniest of parking spaces, while others are developed with the intention of towering over everything else on
Meet the Mugen RC20GT
Opinions on the styling of the Honda Civic Type R vary wildly, but we'd wager very few of them bemoan its timidity. It is, without much question, a punchy-looking thing.Not if you work at Mugen, though. Honda's tuning
Meet the MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe Concept
This is the Mazda MX-5 Drop-Head Coupe Concept. It's being shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon, displaying a new accessory. Namely, a removable carbon-fiber hardtop for when you want a bit of extra protection with less of a
The series that made its name
Good news-the new Toyota Supra is going racing.Starting in 2020, a GT-spec Supra will compete in Japan's Super GT championship. Previewed by a suspiciously finished-looking concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon, plan is for the Supra to
Starting 2019 with a bang
One car people can't seem to get enough of? The Honda Civic. The Japanese carmaker's long-running compact never fails to draw crowds, regardless of its shape, build, or color. Hell, even the performance-oriented Type-R's pickup version
Purists, beware
Here's a typical tale of how barkada trips start. I casually mentioned to my friend Wesley that the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) is one of the must-see motor shows because it's unique. After a few hours, he told me
We certainly hope so
This sketch is our first look at what Subaru is snappily titling 'Viziv Performance Concept 2'. Set to star at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon later this week, the car "embodies the brand's vision for the future of making cars that
Keep an eye out for the C-HR
The Tokyo Auto Salon-one of the world's craziest displays of automotive creativity-was held last week. If you missed any updates regarding the annual event, we don't blame you; our feeds have been absolutely swamped by news from Detroit
Making regular cars more appealing
The recently held Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 was a vibrant showcase of the aftermarket car scene. It didn't just display what Japan had to offer in the way of tuning and customization, it likewise gave us a glimpse of how much
The best of the best aftermarket cars
One can argue that nearly everything about Japan has a hint of craziness to it. From the nation's wacky pop culture to the innovative technology it produces, if it can be found in the Land of the Rising Sun, chances are
15 images of awesomely modified cars
Japan is truly a car lover's paradise. And that's not just because many of today's best automakers are from the Land of the Rising Sun, but more so because this country has the most vibrant car culture on the
With the help of these 3 letters: STI
Whether one admits it or not, the mere mention of the name Subaru is enough to elicit feelings of excitement in the hearts of car lovers. Gearheads familiar with the marque know all too well that these rally-bred machines are a
As well as a pair of minivans
Last October, Toyota wowed the world when it presented the S-FR sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Just like the highly successful 86, the S-FR is an attainable performance machine that may not have the most powerful engine,
3 design concept models
The 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon will be held from January 9 to 11 at the Makuhari Messe in the Chiba prefecture of Japan. As it so happens, Subaru will have a display at the annual event, and the carmaker has revealed the
With bigger 5.3-liter V10 engine
Toyota has revealed that it will run a sports car research vehicle based on the Lexus LFA at the Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurace Race, which will take place in June. Toyota made the announcement at the opening of the 2014 Tokyo Auto
Thanks to STI and 3 aftermarket brands
The 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon is only two weeks away and Fuji Heavy Industries, the conglomerate behind the Subaru brand of cars, has revealed that it will have no less than five Levorg sports tourer concept cars on display at the show.
Yes, you read that right
In 1983, the editor-in-chief of the Japanese custom-car magazine Option launched the Tokyo Auto Salon. Three decades later and the annual car show--held in January--is the world's most popular aftermarket event in the car industry, attracting
For 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon
When the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon opens its doors to the public on January 11, Toyota will have on display its 86-based Griffon concept, which both Toyota Racing Development and Gazoo Racing have worked on.Before the show's opening, TRD
Four years too late?
Honda will show off at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon (January 11 to 13) a number of modified vehicles based on its current model lineup and one particular model that was discontinued in 2009, the S2000 roadster.Calling it the S2000 Modulo
We're pretty sure Botchi's drooling right now
For those who've been wanting to go racing in a Nissan GT-R but find it blasphemous to butcher it to fit in some race-specification kit, the long wait is over. Nissan has finally come out with a track-ready
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