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It has addressed the biggest drawback for solid-state batteries
Toyota has made a breakthrough in its development of solid-state batteries. The Japanese carmaker reckons it won't need to compromise on shorter battery life-a typical trade-off-when it puts its new solid-state batteries into mass production in
by Cat Dow
Same look as Japan or US?
The Corolla Cross has been serving Toyota well since its introduction back in 2020. Not only has it been a hit here, but it has also found success in other parts of the world. Three years in, the popular crossover has received
The event will be held in Malaysia
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently concluded the 2023 Toyota Gazoo Gran Turismo Cup Philippines (TR GT Cup PH) season and crowned champions across three different racing classes.The highlight of the National Finals was the Sporting Class. Crowned champion was Russel Reyes,
Every variant in the range gets significant price bumps
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) recently introduced the new Hilux GR-S to our market. While it was all well and good that a potential Ford Ranger Raptor rival from Toyota has finally arrived, the GR-S launch also brought along with it
Has the Raptor found its match?
When Toyota Motor Philippines first introduced the Hilux GR-S back in 2021, it really was more of a cosmetic package with a few GR bits. But for 2024, Toyota has transformed the Hilux GR-S into something worthy of the Gazoo
One each for Asia, North America, and Europe
Toyota has just dropped the tastiest-looking thing we've seen all week. Granted, it's only Wednesday, but behold, the Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 Edition. It's super-rare. There's only three of them being built, with one each
by Cat Dow
A legit Raptor-fighter?
Yes, yes it is. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has now officially launched the updated Hilux GR-S following its sudden reveal at the second leg of the 2023 TGR Vios Cup. It boasts bold new styling and a beefier overall look but
A homage from the start
Truth be told, we're very excited about the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. After all, it's the first all-new model in 14 years. Even though customer deliveries won't begin until 2024, it's safe to say a
How many stars did it get?
Back in April, Toyota affiliate Daihatsu admitted to 'rigging' vehicles to gain higher crash test safety ratings. It was reported by a company whistleblower that led Toyota to do an internal investigation regarding the matter. The Japanese took the matter seriously and
More power, smaller price tag
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) held the second leg of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup 2023 at the Clark International Speedway this weekend. It wasn't just the races that highlighted the recent festivities, though: the new Hilux GR-S also made
What’s going on here?
It's not often that automotive executives give their nod of approval for rival products. In this case however, it was more of a thumbs up of approval. So, who's the head honcho who recently tried out one of its rival'
“Every Century can be tailor-made to your requirements”
During car launch presentations, you'll find that what's being flashed in the keynote presentation is often just as important as what's being actually shown onstage.The image above was taken from Toyota's global reveal of the Century SUV
Toyota’s most opulent SUV yet
We've had quite a bit of time to get used to the idea of a Toyota luxury crossover, but here it finally is: the Toyota Century SUV. Orders for this land barge are already being accepted in Japan, where it will
Toyota explains it all
One of the questions we get when it comes to hybrid vehicles is "can a hybrid go through a flood?" The short answer is yes, but it's a valid question, nonetheless. After all, the idea of water and electricity mixing together
Japan's Cullinan and Bentayga is coming soon
A few weeks ago, Toyota released a teaser for a 'new car presentation' this coming September 6, 2023. It's safe to say that it could be the first-ever Century-based luxury SUV, but Toyota was tight-lipped on details at
He shared some photos during his recent PH visit
You would think that if the head honcho of Toyota Motor Corporation were to go to the Philippines, he'd try out something automotive or mobility-related the moment he gets here. A train ride, or heck, a jeepney ride-just like
It’s still a few years away, though
The Toyota Corolla isn't the first thing in mind when someone says pickup. Normally, the first product that comes to mind would be the Hilux, or if you're in North America, the Tacoma or Tundra. But Toyota reckons there's
A malfunction in the production order system caused the temporary suspension
Toyota Motor Corporation released a statement recently regarding the temporary suspension of operations of its plants in Japan. Due to a "malfunction in the production order system" last Tuesday, August 29, 2023, some domestic plants stopped operations dyring the first shift, and
Says a report from Thailand
The Toyota Fortuner might soon have a baby brother. That's according to a recent report from Thailand, and it's quite the news, too. If it's true, it could be Toyota's first subcompact 4x4, possibly ever. So, what
Mark your calendars
It looks like the Toyota Century SUV is coming soon. That's judging by a recent news release that Toyota posted on August 30, 2023. Japan's largest automaker did show a preview of it during the launch of the all-new
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